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WSU Wrestling 3rd Anniversary 03/07/10

This past Saturday was the third anniversary of all women's indie wrestling federation WSU (Women Superstars Uncensored), and I went with two of my friends, Alan and Matt. We had a blast. In fact, the show was amazing and far exceeded my expectations!

First there was a great meet and greet with the girls. The first girl I went up was one of my fav TNA Knockouts, the very talented and beautiful Angelina Love. Angelina was really friendly. And, I am here to tell you TV does not do her any justice. She is even more beautiful in person. Next up was another TNA babe So Cal Val. Val was definitely the most fan friendly person at the event, taking her time out to talk to all the fans. She is the very definition of sweetheart. Traci Brooks was next to her, and she remembered Alan and me from when we met her at Chiller. She's always so cool, and hot of course! So, the next star I went up was WCW and WWE legend Molly Holly. Molly looked amazing! Here she is signing my friend's belt.

I then went up the very cute Sumie Sakai. I been a fan of this talented lady from seeing her in WEW. She's a great wrestler from Japan, and might be one of the cutest girls. She was so sweet and friendly in person, just a total sweetheart. Love her!

Another girl I knew from seeing her in WEW is Mercedes Martinez (her cousin, by the way, is Shelly Martinez formerly of TNA, aka Ariel from WWECW). Mercedes was really cool, and it was great to hear her say that she does not want to work for the WWE, right now. Good. WWE sucks, and they would not know how to use her correctly (just see how they misuse Gail Kim, for crissakes!).

I had seen Brittney Savage, and I was like, damn! I so got to meet that cutie! And, so I did. She's a babe! I next went up to meet Rain. Fellow fans of hers might remember her as Payton Banks in TNA. Currently she is wrestling in AAA. She's another one who said she has no desire to work in WWE, and that the pay is not even that good. Man, you cannot imagine my joy at hearing the girls mouth their displeasure with WWE. That made my fucking day!

The last girl we got, for now, was ECW and WWE favorite, the beautiful Dawn Marie. I actually met Dawn some years back when she was at WWE NY, with my little sister. My sis was just a kid back then, and Dawn was so sweet to her. Dawn really is one of the nicest girls in the biz. And, she looked amazing! Damn!

There was a break, and then we were back for the Hall of Fame ceremony. It was nice to see that Dawn Marie, Jazz, and Molly Holly were all honored. Alicia inducted Dawn Marie. Angel Orsini inducted Molly Holly, and Mercedes Martines inducted ECW and WWE wesrtler Jazz. It was a great part of the event and all of these legends deserve the honor.

After another little break it was time for the wrestling! The first match was a hot opener. Angelina Love and Sassy Stephanie really got the crowd going. Angelina won much to the approval of us, her fans!

Next, The Boston Shore (Amber & Lexxus) had a kick ass tag match against babyfaces Tina San Antonio & Marti Belle. I gotta say I totally crushed on the lovely Boston heels. So, I was definitely cheering them on. Beside, man, St. Patty's is coming up, you gotta cheer for them! And, they won! Yay!

Alere Little Feather had a quick match with Rick Cataldo, a highly effeminate heel accompanied by the lovely Brittney Savage.

Alere told she had us that she had been very ill, but thank God she is fine and back! But, suddenly she got into another match this one an impromptu one vs. Cindy Rogers. Cindy played the evil heel to a T. I really enjoyed this one, as well. Cindy won and got some good heel heat.

Dawn Marie, the WSU commissioner, came out and declared that the Amber O'Neal vs Jazz was gonna be a number one contenders match. Amber and Rain came out to interrupt her. But, Dawn didn't let them say a word and announced that Molly Holly was gonna be the guest ref for the Rain/ Mercedes title match! This made our lovely bad girls get quite pissed off!

Our next match saw Jana defeat Latasha in a submission match.

Tag champion Angel Orsini came out and looked for an opponent as hers, Nikki (Roxxi of TNA) was injured. Out comes the very cute Sumie Sakai. But, soon Amy Lee comes out, as well, and says that she wants a tag title match, and soon rips on the crowd, like only she can! And, we end up with a kick ass, wild street fight between the three ladies! It even spills out into the audience, and they all take some nice bumps. Angel wins this awesome, fun match, which was definitely one of the most memorable of the night!

During the intermission, I met The Boston Shore girls. I got a pic taken with them. I smiled, so Amber felt we needed to redo that pic so that we all look badass! The result was badass, for sure! I totally LOVE these two!!!!!!!!!!

Our next match was a title match, and boy, it was a good one! Alicia, the Spirit champ, battled Brittney Savage. It seemed like our heroine was gonna win, but then Rick Catalado interfered. He gave Savage a spray can. And, with the ref turned she used it on Alicia; spraying it on her eyes and blinding her. Brittney became the new Spirit champ! I cannot lie, I love Brittney and was totally cheering her on. That said Rick got his just deserts with a beatdown from Alicia. Rick was getting mad heel heat all night, so the audience just popped for this! I did, too!

Next we got April Hunter (who remembered me, earlier at the meet and greet, from Chiller!!!!) vs. Traci Brooks in, what I told my friend Matt, was the battle of the boobs! Both looked hot and had a real fun match, where Traci showed us Traci's butt! And, they boob bounced! And, April grabbed Traci's boobs! Amazing folks, amazing!!!!! Then, the Boston Shore came out to attack April. They called her an embrassment to Boston, as she was trained by Boston naitive Killer Kowalski. Traci came in to save her and formed the new tag team, TNA (being as she was no longer working for the actual TNA [by the way, boo! to TNA for letting her go!])!!!!!!!! They challenged the girls to a match anytime, anywhere! Sweet! This is match I wanna see!

Our next match was number ones contender match, and it might have been my fav of the whole night. Hard to say cause there were so many good matches! But, regardless Jazz put on a killer match against the beautiful, but bad, Amber O'Neal. Most of the fans were cheering Jazz, of course, but damn Amber is so hot! Totally crushing I had to cheer for her! My friend cheered for her, too, cause she came out to Led Zepelin (by the way some really cool music used by many of the girls, including Marilyn Manson and Disturbed!) But, in all serious both of these ladies can really go. The final outcome had Amber keep her undefeated streak, at 6-0, in a match that had both refs bump! Amber is your number contender to the WSU belt!!!!!!!

And, now it was main event time! In comes Mercedes Martinez, both co-tag champ and WSU champ, to wrestle Rain. As I said before Molly Holly is the special guest ref! This was a damn good match! Both of the girls put on one hell of a fight! Of course the audience was behind the Latina Sensation Mercedes. But, as much as I like her I was cheering on Rain, as I am a big mark for her. The match got real brutal, too. They took to the audience. A table was used but did not give! It should be noted that it hurts A LOT more if the table does NOT break. OUCH! Chairs were bought into play, too! Ultimately, Mercedes got the hard fought victory. So brutal was the match that she had her nose cut and was bleeding! Shit! That's badass!

All of the girls busted their ass and gave us a great show. We are definitely gonna be back, as this one of the most fun times we have in a long time! And, you guys should check them out, when you can, as well. I had not been to a wrestling event since 2005 when I saw a house show from the WWE at MSG. But, this show really puts to shame any of the crap the WWE is currently doing. WSU kicks ass!

By the way, tonight is the beginning of the return of the Monday Night Wars, as TNA iMPACT goes to it's new time at 9PM on Mondays against WWE Raw. I'll be watching and tweeting my thoughts on the shows during the time they are on. Hope you guys join me.

And, if you want more pics from this event go to my friend's Flickr account. he has some KILLER pics including THAT shot of Traci's ass!!!!!!!!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/nixed/sets/72157623576536660/

Here are WSU links that you need to check out:
WSU Home page: http://www.declarationofindependents.net/wsu/
WSU Twitter: http://twitter.com/WSUwrestling
WSU Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/wrestlinguniverse
WSU Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=135806662693&index=1#!/wsuwrestling?ref=ts

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