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Killswitch Engage at Irving Plaza 3/19/10

On Friday, March 20, 2010, my friend Alan and I went to see Killswitch Engage live at Irving Plaza in NYC. What a great show! It was the second of two sold-out shows, at Irving Plaza (the first was night before on Thursday). We didn't know what to expect as KSE signer Howard Jones is out for personal reasons (the two things I hear are: back pains and family emergency). But, in the end we saw an AWESOME show; one that far exceeded our expectations.

The opening act is one of my personal favorite melodic death metal acts, Dark Tranquillity. The Swedish band opened with my favorite song of theirs, Terminus (The Place Where Death Is Most Alive) and blistered to about a half-hour set of killer songs. Included was a song from their new album, We Are the Void. I just bought the album this week and man, it is KILLER! You guys gotta go get it! Very underrated band, I think; I wish they could have played a longer set. I would love to see them sometime again. The band were also really nice and fan friendly. They met and signed stuff for the fans. This is the only pic I got at the show; it's me and lead signer Mikael Stanne:

The next band that played is Christian metalcore band The Devil Wears Prada. I had heard them before but remember not caring much for them. But, I figured if we stayed outside I could give them a listen, and see if I would like them, now. Nope. Hated them even more. Terrible overrated crap. Sorry. Sucks that had more of a crowd and played a longer set than DT. Oh well, whatcha gonna do?

Finally it was time for KSE!!!!!!!!! All That Remains signer Phil Labonte sang all of the Howard Jones stuff. Meanwhile, original Jesse Leech came back on Thursday. It was the first time he played with them since he left the band. He sang all of his songs that he did with KSE. Man, he was killer!!!! As, was Phil (the band, thus, became Philswitch Engage). Many of my fav songs were played like End of Heartache, Rose of Sharyn, When Darkness Falls, etc. The band sounded tight, the packed crowd was totally into them. There was lots of jumping, stage diving, moshing, and, best of all, signing along with the band. I have to say KSE is one of the best live bands I ever seen. We would LOVE to see them again, next time with Howard Jones (one of most soulful signers in all of metal). KILLSWITCH ENGAGE RULZ!!!!!!

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