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The 30 Hottest Scream Queens, pt. 1: 30-21

Ahh, scream queens what red blooded horror loving male don't love them? Women have always played in important roles in the genre. Heroines, victims, girlfriends, vampires, witches, zombies, werewolves, killers, etc, all parts ladies have played. This list presents my personal favorites. And, before this list begins I need to pay tribute to the following lovely ladies: first scream queen and King Kong's true love Fay Wray, the great and exotic Barbara Steele, and finally, of course, Jamie Lee Curtis. About Ms. Curtis, I personally think she looked her hottest when she left horror, i.e., in True Lies, but that's just me. By the way, to make this list you have been in at least TWO horror and/ or exploitation films. Anyways, this part 1 of a 3 parter. Enjoy and please tell me who your favs are.

30. Chiaki Kuriyama - While mainstream audiences know her better as the sexy but psychotic Go-Go in Taratino's splattery Kill Bill Vol. 1, horror and Asian extreme cinema fans, also know her from the classic and ultra-violent Battle Royale and her more recent role in the highly original and enjoyable Hair Extensions. Said movie has a plethora of hot Japanese girls. Win! Anyways, Kuriyama is quite the cutie and talented to boot.

29. Florinda Bolkan- - Brazilian beauty Bolkan did most of her work in Italy, with some really memorable roles in the classic Fulci giallo movies A Lizard in a Woman's Skin and Don't Torture a Duckling, which to me is the second best movie he ever made. It should be noted that she gets into some hot lesbian action and is nude in Lizard. Sweet! Bolkan also gives an amazing performance in the shocking, violent, but well made nunsploitation movie, Flavia: The Heretic. I sometimes think she is underrated by genre fans and with her exotic beauty, talent, and level of films that she has been she shouldn't be!

28. Martine Beswick- - Aside from her memorable role as a gypsy fighting in the Bond classic From Russia with Love, Beswick has done a huge amount of work in horror movies. Some of her most memorable work is for Hammer, including having a cat fight with the very sexy Raquel Welch in One Millions Years B.C. as well as the lead in Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde. She would continue to do genre work in movies like Critters 4 and Trancers II and lots of others. Beswick has a distinct beauty to her that sets her apart from many of her contemporaries and makes her favorite of mine.

27. Ashley Laurence- - This brunette beauty is one of my personal fav heroines having appeared in four of the Hellraiser movies. The first two classics, in particular standout (not just cause they are great films) in the fact that she stands up to Pinhead and the Cenobites. She had a cameo in the third one and was one of the few things worth seeing in the wretched Hellraiser: Hellseeker. This still drop-dead gorgeous beauty is also in other horror flicks, including The Lurking Fear and Red.

26. Danielle Panabaker- - You can blame Ms. Panabaker for me making this list. After seeing her interview on Attack of the Show to promote the superior remake, The Crazies (in which she is seen in her scrubs, good God, I wish I had a doctor that looked like her!), and recalling her battling Jason in the enjoyable Friday the 13th remake, I knew it was time to play tribute to the babes of horror. Danielle is such a cutie, and she's gonna continue being in horror movies as her next flick is The Ward for John fucking Carpenter!

25. Eliza Dushku- - Horror fans first got a glimpse of this brunette goddess as bad girl Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and later Angel. She was also in the fun 70s tribute Wrong Turn. But, the truly beautiful Ms. Dushku continues to do horror with roles in Open Graves and The Alphabet Killer, where she, finally (!), showed her awesome tits! Truly there is a God!

24. Amber Tamblyn- - While, the non-horror crowd will know this cutie from stuff like Joan of Arcadia and the craptacular Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (maybe if it dealt with their underpants, but not America Ferrera's, hell no!,I would give a flying fuck about this series), I prefer to think of her horror work. OK, The Grudge 2 is NOT really a good film, but damn does she look good in it. Personally, it's her excellent acting in quite horror-thriller Spiral that really, truly makes her stand out in my book, though.

23. Jill Whitlow- - Jill's most famous role is for the cult classic Night of the Creeps, where she plays the college hottie (of course!). Not only is she really likable in this role, but she gets naked, too! God, it is so refreshing and nice (but sadly rare) when a lead babe in a horror flick shows the goods. She also appeared in little seen but quite good Twice Dead as well as horror TV shows like Freddy's Nightmares and Swamp Thing. Of note to fellow fans, she has recently been doing horror cons!

22. Brigitte Lahaie- - This French goddess gets extra points for working in my two favorite genres, horror and porn! She's worked with some of Europe's most infamous directors like Jess Franco (in the kick ass Faceless) and, most famously, Jean Rollin, including one of his best movies, Fascination. Being a porn star means Lahaie was perfectly OK with being fully nude and doing love scenes, including lesbian. Which, is of course, perfectly fine with me! Lahaie just exudes sex in every role, I ever seen her in.

21. Rhona Mitra- - This babe modeled as Lara Croft, so she was destined to be a nerd's dream come true. She's been in lots of horror flicks including Hollow Man (where she is nude and raped/ killed by an invisible Kevin Bacon), the terrible Skinwalkers (which also features the beautiful Natassia Malthe, yet still sucks werewolf cock), and the entertaining Underworld: The Rise of the Lycans. But, to me, her best role is in Neil Marshall's kick ass Doomsday (which has become a favorite of mine, by the way). This is one hell of a sexy babe!

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