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Ashley Dupre to be in Playboy

Long time readers of this blog, may recall that one of my earliest blogs was on former high-class call girl and Elliot Spitzer favorite, Ashley Dupree. In said blog, I mentioned that Hustler and Penthouse were competing to get her to spread her goods for their mags.

Well, cut forward to last night when I was watching Chelsea Lately (good God in heaven how I love her!), and she revealed that Ms. Dupree is gonna be posing for Playboy! Now, I think Playboy is pretty fucking lame, but I certainly wanna see Ms. Dupree's wonders on display! Plus, this time around you won't have to spend thousands of dollars to see them (thank fucking God!)! Yay! Anyways, Chelsea told us that during that photo-shoot Ashley's hair caught on fire from the hairspray and candles being used. So remember aspiring nudie models, posing for Playboy can be hazardous to your health. Doh! For your information, she's doing OK. They stopped it before she could be seriously hurt.

It should also be noted that, currently, the lovely Ms. Dupree is giving relationship advice in the New York Post, Greatest advice column ever or worst? You decide loyal readers!

Either way, I leave you with final pic of hers to, er, "think" about!

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Anonymous said...

oh god please no, I see enough of her here at the jersey shore.

Giovanni Deldio said...

This is a post from 2010, so she did pose. That said, I had no clue she hangs at the Jersey Shore.