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The 30 Hottest Scream Queens, pt. 2: 20-11

20. Natalie Mendoza- This exotic beauty is best known to us horror fans for her highly memorable role in the now classic The Descent. Her role and and want happens to her is one of the most memorable moments in the movie and now she will be returning for the highly anticipated sequel. I am pumped for this film not only cause the original is my fav film of the last decade, but cause she is back in it! Goddamn this babe is hot!!!!

19. Shawnee Smith- I first fell in love with this babe from her role in one of my personal favorite movies, the superior remake, The Blob. She played an ass-kicking cheerleader in that. She also appeared in the not so good mini-series, The Stand. Her awesome looks were definitely one of the most memorable things in that one. But, her career was full revitalized with her appearances in the super popular Saw franchise, where not only does she look beautiful but proves she has acting chops, too! She added much glamorous beauty to the Scream Queens reality TV show, and in person, is one of the sweetest actresses around. I am so happy that Shawnee's star has risen and that she is more well known, now than ever!

18. Laura Gemser- Though this exotic hottie made a name for herself as Black Emanuelle she is actually Indonesian. She worked a lot for two of Italy's prolific and infamous exploitation directors: Joe D'Amato and Bruno Mattei. Some of my favorite films I have seen her include the two Black Emanuelle WIP (women in prison) movies she did for Mattei, Violence in a Women's Prison and Women's Prison Massacre (the later of which is awesome my fav of the two). Sadly, as awesome as Massacre is; she does not bare her skin in it. But, most of the time she did get nude in her movies, fully at that, and had love scenes. Those included lesbo love, too! But, my favorite out of all the stuff I seen her in is Joe D'Amato's awesome anaglam of softcore erotica and cannibal film Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals.

17. Ali Larter- While most will know this blonde babe from the shitty Heroes series sadly, but horror fans know better. She was in the terrible House on Haunted Hill remake but thankfully moved on to much better things in the first two Final Destination films. By the way, she looks even more delicious as a brunette (as evident by the first FD movie). She showed us that she did abandon the genre by returning to it in the fast paced and fun Resident Evil: Extinction where she kicked ass alongside fellow mega-hottie, Mila Jovovich.

16. Hazel Court- When I think of classic scream queens, I always think of this beauty. She made quite the name for herself and cult following by being in horror movies in the 50s and 60s. One of her most classic roles had to be in Hammer's groundbreaking The Curse of Frankenstein. But, to me, her most memorable role had to be alongside of Vincent Price in director Roger Corman's adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's Masque of the Red Death. The best of those films, and a huge personal fav of mine, Court played Price's lover and fellow Satan worshiper who offers herself to Satan in one of the film's creepiest moments. The busty, talented, and beautiful Court passed away in 2008 and is greatly missed by all her fans. To me, this woman is one of the epitomes of the classic horror beauty.

15. Danielle Harris- She's been in the horror genre since playing Michael Myers in both Halloween 4 and 5. She also appeared, looking oh so delicious as a goth babe, in the highly middle of the road Urban Legends, later on in her career. She would return to the franchise that first bought her fame when she stared in both of Rob Zombie's Halloween movies. Her role in the first one, proved to be one of the most memorable moments in that remake as she was nude! Thank you. Mr. Zombie, for allowing us to look at her boobs!

14. Jill Schoelen- I had the hugest crush on this late 80s horror hottie thanks to her many roles, in that period. Her first and best was in the classic The Stepfather. In that movie she played the stepdaughter to Terry O'Quinn who could just tell something was wrong with him. Not only was she great in that role but nude, too! Another awesome role for was in the gothic slasher updating with Robert Englund of the The Phantom of the Opera. I thought she looked particularly beautiful in that one. She also appeared in The Curse II and Cutting Class, the later of which also starred a young Brad Pitt! I always thought her voice was really cute added to her attractiveness. She is still beautiful, by the way!

13. Eihi Shiina- I truly think the beautiful Shiina has one of the most memorable roles any woman has ever had in the form of the villainess in Takashi Miike's classic Audition. She is such an awesome mix of the beautiful, sweet, deadly, psychotic, and terrifying in that role that for that alone she will always be one of the greats in my book. Her recent role in Tokyo Gore Police solidified her place as one of Asia's best and hottest genre stars. In fact, I think she keeps getting more beautiful in each of films.

12. Linnea Quigley- Without a shadow of a doubt one of my biggest crushes growing up and the biggest, most prolific, and popular of all the 80s scream queens, Linnea pretty much is the living, breathing incarnation of said word. She's been in countless, and I do mean countless of genre movies. Some of her most memorable roles include: Savage Streets- where she plays the brutally raped by a bunch of pieces of shit sister of Linda Blair, Silent Night, Deadly Night wear she gets killed, topless (!) on a pair of antlers, Night of the Demons where she is possessed by a demon and makes lipstick disappear in her tit, and her best movie (and role, I think) Return of the Living Dead playing sexy punk babe Trash, who gets fully nude and attacked by zombies, becoming one of the genres hottest living dead girls. I really could go on and on about her and her movies, but if your a fan I really don't need to. Not all of Linnea's movies are great, of course, but she's always awesome to see in a movie, and one of the sweetest girls in the entire buisness. All hail Linnea!!!!

11. Michelle Bauer- Perhaps the sexiest of all of the 80s scream queens Michelle Bauer drives me freaking crazy. She began her career as a Penthouse Pet and with looks and a body like she has it should come to no surprise to anyone! She had a role in porn/ cult fav Cafe Flesh. She would go to do many horror movies. Her first, and a film I developed a super crush on her for, was as the sexy and evil mummy babe in The Tomb. She would star with Linnea in a couple of flicks, including Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama, where she gets turned into a dominatrix and looks damn delicious as one! I met her at Chiller a couple of years ago and can tell you that she is even sexier in person. I just love Ms. Bauer!!!!!!!

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