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Random Hotness XI: Hotness vs. More Hotness

Hey, it's time for some hotness. Here on the east-coast it is anything but hot right now, but me think this will help raise the temperature!

Tori Black- As of late I must say I am developing quite a fondness for beautiful porn star Tori Black. She gives awesome performances and is all natural. Rejoice! I simply love her long, brown hair, beautiful face, pretty, brown eyes, hot body, and nice butt. Plus, I think her tattoo is pretty fucking cool. She's been in the biz since 2007. She is also a former Penthouse Pet. You can visit her on her official site: http://www.toriblack.com/ You can also follow her on Twitter, which I highly recommend over at: http://twitter.com/MissToriBlack Now go and get some of her fucking pornos! And, here is one more reminder why you should:

Pretty Wild- OK, so I saw the commercial for this show on on E!, and I knew it would be total crap. You see it is about three sisters, one of whom is suspected of robbery, and it is a reality show. Yes, another one! And, yes it is stupid. But, the two legally aged sisters are beautiful and worth mentioning here. Our robbery suspect is eighteen year old Alexis Neiers. I don't know if she is guilty of that, but she is guilty of stealing my heart! Hey, corny, I know. But, whatcha you gonna do? She's actually my fav of the girls on the show. But, I totally love the older sister, Tess Taylor, too. And, thanks to the Internet, I have found out that she, just like her mom, is a former Playboy model. Yay! Yeah, I ain't a Playboy fan, but come one man, she does look in these pics. Want more proof? Here you go. Actually the mom is pretty hot, too. It should be noted that one of this blog's most beloved blondes, Chelsea Handler is an executive producer. But, regardless this a pretty bad show. But, should you see it? Er, only if you have lots of patients, and pay attention only to the hotness of the girls. Then, like smash your head against the wall during the rest of the show! Or you could just search the net for more nudes of Tess. Or, do both! Like me! You decide!

Tina Fey- So, there is a new movie with Tina Fey called Date Night coming out. Truth be told I could a flying fuck about this movie, but there is one part where she pretends to be a whore. How's about this. I want a movie where she plays a whore. And, gets nude! She's a MILF! Sadly, she won't ever do a porno, but did you know that fellow Sarah Palin impersonator and MILF porn babe Lisa Ann played her role in a Thirty Rock XXX Parody? Oh, and FYI, although, I am sure I have said this before here, I think Lisa Ann is hotter. But, I like 'em both so...
Grace Park- One of the most featured women here is the beautiful Grace Park. Well here she is in a bikini? Why? Well, I know you ain't complaining. You just want the reasons, not there needs to be one. I mean should always be in a bikini! Anyways, she staring in the Hawaii Five-O remake. I first heard about this on the G4 ticker. Which said it was a TV series. A website, recently, called it a movie. Whatever it is I will watch it. For her! Even if it sucks!

Olivia Munn- Another woman who gets a lot of love here is geek goddess. On Wednesday, she and Hot Tub Time Machine star Clark Duke hosted Attack of the Show in a hot. Yes, Olivia Munn in a HOT TUB!!!!!!! Here is something for those who may have missed or just wanna relive this great and so very historic moment on television!

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