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NYCC 2019- Saturday: My Debut as Captain America!

Saturday is always the wildest and most packed day at New York Comic Con (which is saying a lot!), and that was the case this year. Unfortunately, my friend lost his phone, and we spent a good deal of the day trying to help him find it. That being said, I still got to take some pics and have fun. This is also the day that I debuted my, at that point in time, new cosplay: Captain America from Avengers Infinity War.

First two some pics with my friends Nelson D. Martinez and Breezkesi as Deadpool and Rogue, respectively. The second of which was taken at a booth for My Hero One's Justice 2.

This Hawkeye was badass. I love the way these two pics came out!

Captain Americas assemble (with Mike and Brooklyn Captain America)!

This has to be one of my favorite pics of this day!  

 I have this before but Scrapstastic, as Joker on this day, is the freaking cutest! 

 Badass pic with Nelson and Dane

This is from that time that Capt hung with an ever growing group of Deadpools. Eventually, Wolvie joined in on the fun, too!

 With Stevo, as Gambit. 

One of things I was most looking forward to doing at this con, was picking up Michael Gingold's Ad Nauseam II book and getting him to sign. As I have said before I LOVE these books so much! This on focuses on the 90s and 2000s, which was, sadly, the end of the newspaper movie ad.

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