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NYCC 2019- Sunday, Part 1: Anime, Cosplay, and lots of Captain America

Since I didn't get to fully enjoy Saturday in my brand new Captain America Avengers: Infinity War cosplay, I decided to wear it again on Sunday. Honestly, this was the most fun day of last year's New York Comic Con. I have a ton of pics for you guys, so let's not waste anymore time and get right into it!

Let's start with an image from an Anime booth, my friends and I met up at throughout the con. It was easy to locate, cause big Anime boobs!

This Cyclops statue was not at Anime booth was so fucking cool, that I have to share.

This Green Goblin was amazing. One of the best cosplays that I have ever seen for the supervillain (if not, in fact, the best!). It was unquestionably one of the most badass cosplays of the entire convention!

Here are a couple of more cool as hell cosplays!

My friend and Master Minion, Negative Pop, got to take some super cool pics of me in my Captain America cosplay, by myself and with other cosplayers. Here are the first of many!

 Here I am with Double Captain, whose cosplay of Captain America was absolutely fucking awesome!

To be continued...

All photography by NegativePop.

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