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The Most Beautiful Women of 2019, Part 7: 10-1

10. Madeline Petsch (last year #11)- No matter how ridiculous or over the top Riverdale gets the gorgeous Petsch always achieves amazing performances. Especially this season where she really managed to pull at my heart, make me laugh, and make us all fall even more in love with her.

9. Maria Gabriela de Faria (new)- The breathtaking star (those eyes!!) of SyFy's unjustly cancelled Deadly Class is a site to behold. The Venezuelan de Faria is one of most impossibly beautiful women around. Here is hoping we see more of this stunner, as she has a very good chance at moving up the list if we do.

8. Kenzie Taylor (last year #36)- Kenzie skyrockets into the top 10 position as she continues to appear in smoldering adult movies. In particular is the beautiful blonde's appearance in one of the year's best adult features Captain Marvel XXX, a film from the prolific and awesome Axel Braun. One that is better than the Hollywood movie it parodies. Kenzie, of course, plays the title character. She does so with more charisma and looks even more beautiful than the lovely Brie Larson, herself!

7. Laura Legends (new)- The second biggest debut on this list this time around comes from this absolutely gorgeous and awesome Canadian YouTube personality. There are other pretty ladies who have YouTube channels dedicated to toy collecting. But, in my very humble opinion they lack the combination of charisma, beauty, sweetness, humor, and knowledge that makes Legends my favorite. I look forward to every new video she posts on her fucking AWESOME channel!

6. Dani Daniels (last year same)- Perhaps the greatest performer in the current era of the adult business, the sexy and breathtaking Dani Daniels holds on strong to her sixth position and our hearts.

5. Lili Reinhart (last year #4)- Facing stiff competition, the stunning Reinhart drops a spot down the list but only barely. As Betty on Riverdale, she remains one of television's most truly beautiful women. And, her acting is as great as ever, continuing to give the series many of it's biggest and best highlights.

4. Aubrey Plaza (new)- The biggest debut on this list comes courtesy of the lovely Ms. Plaza. Her turn as Andy's mom in Child's Play (the year's most pleasant surprise) was great! She added pathos, fun, and beauty to the role, which became one of my favorite final girls of 2019. It also helped her become one of this site's official Horror Crushes!

3. Jessica Rothe (last year ranked 2017- #2)- Rothe returned as one of the greatest final girls ever, Tree, in the amazing and terribly underrated Happy Death Day 2U (which is one of the year's best horror movies). Once again, she was beautiful, sexy, hot, funny, and badass in it! Rothe needs to be in every horror movie!

2. Bella Thorne (last year ranked 2017- #9)- Taking the runner up spot is one of the sexiest mainstream actresses ever! Ms. Thorne released a poetry book, went on a tour (where I met her!) promoting it, and most awesome of all, directed a porn, Him & Her, for PornHub!! It starred Small Hands and fellow list maker the gorgeous Abella Danger! Plus, Thorne was inducted into the Horror Crush section, this even before knowing that she is gonna direct a horror movie herself! The sky is the limit for her (and her future position on this list!)!

1. Jen & Sylvia Soska (last year #3)- Taking the top spot are the immensely talented, awesome as fuck, and beautiful Twisted Twins, Jen and Sylvia Soska! Their long awaited remake of David Cronenberg's cult classic, Rabid, played limited release and is currently on On Demand. And, earlier year, at Monster-Mania, I conducted an exclusive and awesome interview with them. For all of this and more, they rightfully rule the list!

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And, so concludes the 2019 list of the 70 Most Beautiful Women. Regular work has left me backlogged on various posts (including more NYCC, WinterCon, and the best metal/ hard rock album and movies of 2019). They are all coming, so please be patient. And, thank you for all of your support last year, before, and beyond. You all humble me with it. I wish you all a very Happy New Year and may 2020 be a fucking awesome year for us all!