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Horror Crush: Aubrey Plaza

It's time, once again, to induct another beauty into this site's Horror Crush section. Today's gorgeous inductee is the always quirky, beautiful, and funny Aubrey Plaza!
Aubrey Plaza was born in Wilmington, Delaware. She was born of a Puerto Rican dad and a mother of English/ Irish decent. Plaza is best known as a comedian. I first heard of her because she was featured in men's magazine, Complex. I thought, "Oh my God, this chick is gorgeous!" But, it was catching her in the awesome horror comedy Life After Beth, where I truly fell in love with her!
Life After Beth tells the tale of a dude whose girlfriend, Beth Slocum (Plaza) has died. Even though, they had been going through a rough patch, he is still extremely devastated by her passing. One day, he discovers that Beth is actually alive. Well, sort of, as she is now a zombie! Regardless, they try to rekindle their relationship, but it's complicated, to say the least. You see, she is rotting away and wants to eat human flesh! Relationships can be so hard, am I right?
I absolutely loved this movie! I found it hilarious, as well as heartfelt. It totally had me invested in what was happening. There is some good gore, but it really is the characters, acting, and writing that make this horror comedy work so well. The cast is great (including another funny beauty in the form of the beautiful Anna Kendrick), but to me, it is Plaza who steals every scene that she is in.
She is funny, quirky, and perfectly cast in this role. The truth is I felt sorry for her, and cheered her on for much of the movie. And, I even kept saying, "Fuck it! I would still try to make this work!" After, all even as a zombie she is a babe. Well, at least until she really starts to lose more and more of her humanity. I highly recommend this one, and honest to God, need to get it on Blu-ray!
.That brings us to her latest, and so far only other horror movie, Child's Play! Now, I have to say that I went into this movie ready to hate it, as honestly Plaza was the only reason, I was seeing it (well that and I was seeing more and more good reviews). So call me fully surprised when I ended up loving it! This remake takes the franchise (which is horror's finest IMHO) in a fresh new direction, as I love the whole AI spin on Chucky/ Buddi. It's gory, funny, suspenseful, well acted, and very nicely directed. There is a real love for not just the original but other splatter movies like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 and RoboCop. It is my third favorite in the entire series, after the original and Bride of Chucky, which for me, is saying a lot! I can't wait for the Blu-ray release!
Plaza plays Karen Barclay, who gives the doll to her son Andy, not knowing just how fucked up it is. She is wonderful in the role, one that is funny, sympathetic, and tough, on top of being beautiful. She makes this a great version of Andy's mom, and one we can cheer on and fall in love with!
I swear, anytime Plaza is onscreen, I was blown away by how naturally gorgeous she is! In all, this one of my favorite female roles (but not my actual favorite, that would be fellow Horror Crush Jessica Roth in the amazing Happy Death Day 2U) in a horror movie this year. She is most definitely my favorite mom in a horror flick of 2019, though.
Aubrey Plaza is absolutely gorgeous, hilarious, and a great actress. This super talented hottie has a wonderful quirkiness and cute weirdness that comes out not only in some of her roles, but also in interviews that I have seen of her. This makes even more attractive, I think. With very different and excellent performances in two very solid horror movies, I happily add Aubrey Plaza to this site's Horror Crushes!

I also want to take this time to wish you all a very happy, safe, and fun 4th of July!