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Horror Crush: Jill Jacobson

The summer is heating up. And as such, it is only appropriate that I induct the equally hot, as well as beautiful and sexy Jill Jacobson into the Horror Crush section of this site!
The beautiful Jacobson is best known for her TV work, including Falcon Crest, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The later two are possibly where I first saw her. But, it's thanks to her work in Nurse Sherri, that she gets honored here.
Nurse Sherri (1978) (AKA The Possession of Nurse Sherri) comes from schlock master Al Adamson, who directed this wonderfully fun, and cheap, exploitation horror movie. This flick tells the tale of an egotistical and whacked out professor, who proclaims to have supernatural powers. After he has a heart-attack, he warns the staff not to operate him. They do anyway, and well he dies. Whoops! Guess the crazy, old asshole was right, after all. Anywho, he ends up possessing a beautiful, sweet, and young nurse named Sherri (Jacobson), causing her to kill those who operated on him one by one.
Nurse Sherri manages to combine two of the era's most popular exploitation motifs: the sexy nurse flick and possession movies! I mean you have to give it credit for coming up with that idea. The film, itself, has some bad acting, unintentionally hilarious dialogue, and some cheesy FX. But, it remains wonderfully entertaining and fun, and, even oddly, engrossing. It has become one of my very favorite it's so bad, so good movies around! The gore content is low, but we do get two different sets of boobs. And, while those are very nice, neither belong to Ms. Jacobson, sadly.
Jacobson isn't that great in the role, but then no one in this movie is. And, really it all adds to the charm of Adamson's movie. What she is absolutely gorgeous. Even without disrobing, it is clear that she has one hell of a body. The tight nurse's outfit looks eye-poppingly hot on her! There is also something inherently likable about her as Nurse Sherri, and no I don't just mean her chest (though that certainly helps!).

Vinegar Syndrome put out an awesome Blu-ray of this cult favorite about two years ago. The quality is amazing for this film, undoubtedly the best it ever did or ever will look. Among the awesome extra features is an interview with Jacobson who still looks absolutely gorgeous (below)!
In 1990. she appeared in a season 2 episode of Freddy's Nightmares entitled "Easy Come, Easy Go" where she played a character named Peggy. I am sure I watched this one, but it's been ages so I don't remember anything about this or most episodes.
Meanwhile, in 1998 she was in a flick called Restless Souls and in 2015 appeared in another one called Excess Flesh. I never heard much less saw either one, so any thoughts from those of you who have? Please, leave thoughts below if you have.

And, that's it as far as Jill Jacobson's horror material goes. She keeps continuously busy with projects but most have nothing to do with our beloved genre. However for her breathtaking beauty and natural sexiness displayed in Nurse Sherri, she will forever be a Horror Crush!