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Horror Crush: Bella Thorne

I met the gorgeous and uber-talented Bella Thorne on July 23, 2019 at her book signing (more on that later) in Barnes and Noble in Union Square, New York City. Thus, this feels like the perfect time to induct her into the Horror Crushes section of this site!
Thorne was born Annabella Avery Thorne in Pembroke Pines, Florida on October 8, 1997. She is probably best known for her role in the Disney Channel series Shake It Up. But, of course, I know her best from her horror work.
Throne's first horror role, though, is one I have never seen. In 2015, she played Nina Patterson in the MTV series of Scream in two episodes. Actually, I have never watched a single episode of that show, much less two. But, for those of you that have any thoughts on her role in it? Please, let me know in the comments section below. One thing is for sure, she looked amazing in a bikini!
It's in 2017, where she pulled double horror duty that, I became a fan. The first of the two that I saw was the super fun and bloody good, The Babysitter. In this horror-comedy, a kid has a crush on his super hot babysitter (Samara Weaving). But, one night while she is sitting him, he finds out that she is the leader of a satanic cult of teens! It's a colorful, totally enjoyable, mix of splatter, sexiness, and humor. This Netflix exclusive really surprised me with how much I enjoyed it.
Thorne plays the other female in the cult. She is hilarious in her role and sexy as hell! She looks killer in a cheerleader outfit (always one of my favorite looks for a girl) and makes-out with the beautiful Weaving herself, in one memorable scene.
The other horror flick was Amityville: The Awakening. This oft-delayed flick made its debut on YouTube, of all places, for free. This should be a sign of shit, but honest to God, it is way better than it has any right to be. In it, Thorne plays Belle a teenager who moves along with her mom (the always beautiful and talented Jennifer Jason Leigh), her little sis, and her twin brother to the most infamous house in Long Island. Belle doesn't know the house's background, or even the movies it inspired. This is actually one of the cool aspects of the film, as it is sort of meta-horror in that in acknowledges the existence of the movies (at least the first two and the remake).
Anywho, aside from two students, most don't take kindly to her, a goth chick (Throne as a goth girl is even hotter than her in a bikini or as a cheerleader!), being in the creepy house. Her aforementioned bro is paralyzed, left a vegetable from a accident. This which occurred from when he defended her honor. But, the house is really evil! So, it is not just a movie folks! And, it wants to possesses her brother.
I really expected this movie to be a of complete shit, but I really enjoyed it. Sure it is generic and does nothing new or that original. But, it tells a competent story and is well enough directed. Mostly, it's held together by strong acting, from the solid cast. Thorne is very likable and realistic in her role and really helps to carry the film. As of this writing, I have watched the movie three times, and each time it surprises how much I (still) like it and how solid it is.
 As I mentioned at the beginning of this post I met Thorne last Tuesday. She is promoting her memoir/ poetry book Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray. Thorne read little of the poems that didn't make it, including a heartbreaking one where she talks about why she doesn't reveal the name of the piece of shit who raped her as a child actress. She also took pics with her fans and we got pre-signed copies of it. She is incredibly sweet and down to earth person, being all smiles, hugs, and actually talking to her fans.
In fact, she gave me a hug (as she did with everyone else meeting her) and asked me what I thought of her reading. I told that I was touched, which is true (I was tearing up hearing her). But, beyond that I was a star-struck. I would have loved to tell her how much I enjoyed the horror stuff she did, but alas I couldn't say much of anything else. Still, she is a genuine sweetie and incredibly beautiful in person.
Gorgeous and multi-talented Bella Thorne really shines in all her work. I love seeing her in horror movies. According to the extra features of Amityville: The Awakenking, she loves horror movies! That only makes me love her even more! And, with that she becomes the latest inductee into Horror Crushes!