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The 70 Most Beautiful Women of 2019, Part 5: 30-21

30. Rose McIver (last year #10)- McIver was amazing, as she always is, tugging at our hearts while winning them with her beauty in this excellent and final season of iZombie. 
29. Madchen Amick (last year #31)- Amick is a goddess. She always has been and always will be. Her character has been going through some wild and interesting things on Riverdale, and her acting is always top notch, as is her beauty, of course.

28. Romi Rain (last year ranked 2017- #10)- Romi remains one of the biggest and most beautiful draws in the skin biz. Sexy and smart, there is no doubt why she remains at the top of her game and one of the most popular women in porn.

27. Krysten Ritter (last year #16)- There are countless of reasons why the canceling of the Netflix/ Marvel shows fucking blows. Not the least of which is never again seeing (unless Marvel make the right choice) the beautiful and talented Ms. Ritter as Jessica Jones.

26. Lily Adams (last year #18)- The beautiful and too fucking sexy Lily Adams remains one of my favorite people to follow on social media. Also, my interview with her, from last year's Exxxotica(!!) remains one of this site's most popular posts.

25. Kennedy McMann (new)- I really tried and wanted to like the WB's Nancy Drew, but it ended up being a third rate Riverdale. However, it's star McMann is gorgeous and great in the role. I hope to see more of this stunning redhead.

24. Diamante (last year #26)- Hard rock signer Diamante is one of the most hard working people in the metal/ rock world. And, one of the most beautiful too! In fact, I think she keeps getting hotter. Plus, her music is fucking awesome! She has been touring her ass off and posting awesome shit on social media. Hence her continued rising rank on the list.

23. Tristan Risk (last year ranked 2016- 25)- Beautiful, smart, and dedicated to genre, horror actress Risk is one of its most beloved stars. She also appeared in the Soska sister's long awaited Rabid remake.

22. Melanie Scrofano (new)- Scorfano appeared in the truly awesome horror/ comedy Ready or Not as one of the antagonists. She looked gorgeous and was truly great in her role. This made me check out and get into her current SyFy horror/ western series Wynonna Earp. 

21. Tatiana Shmaylyuk (new)- Jinjer is one of the biggest success stories in a very long time in metal. This has been a huge year for the band, with their headlining tour and release of their EP and LP, Micro and Macro, respectively, the later being one of the year's best albums. Their beautiful and talented Ukrainian signer Shmaylyuk is an amazing front-woman/ signer and a super crush for many a metalhead, including yours truly.

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