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Horror Crush: Shevonne Durkin

It feels like it has been forever since I have done a Horror Crush induction, but fear not for it is time once again! This time around I am inducting the beautiful and underrated (but not by her fans!), Shevonne Durkin!
Durkin was born August 21, 1969 in Canta Clara County, Cal. She began acting when she appeared on The Wonder Years. But, since I never really watched that show, I know her first, and, honestly, only, from her horror work.
Her first horror flick was Ghost in the Machine (1993). This really stupid movie tells the tale of some serial killer who dies and develops the power to go inside computers and anything connected to their grids. I honestly don't remember much about this crapfest, beyond it being really fucking bad and wasting the talent of Karen of Allen. But, honestly the most memorable thing about it is the lovely Ms. Durkin.
She plays a babysitter and gets electrocuted by the title ghost. I recall watching this flick and being floored by how hot she looked, especially in those daisy-duke shorts! That image was burned into my teenage brain. But, after she bites the dust, there was little to keep my interest in this dumb flick. But, hey, she sure did look gorgeous!

The next horror flick she did is, arguably slightly better but is still a wretched piece of shit, in its own right. This movie also might be, by default, be her most popular genre film (it is certainly her biggest role in the genre): Leprechaun 2 (1994). In it, she plays Bridget, who thanks to an old curse is the bride that the Leprechaun (Warwick Davis) is looking for. Honestly, this movie is dumb as a dried up turd, but it is an improvement over the godawful first film. Of course, considering what a worthless shit that movie was, it ain't saying much.
Honestly, it is Durkin who saves this film from being utter garbage. She is very likable and looks so beautiful in it! At, least this make it very understandable why the Leprechaun has the hots for her.
I remember seeing the trailers for this crap, as a teen. And, while it looked godawful, I kinda wanted to see it. Well, I really only wanted to see it for her. But, due to my complete hatred of the first film, I opted not to for many years. Until, I finally saw it on SyFy, and yeah I was right in all of my suspicions of her being the only good thing in it.

Her last genre film is the sci-fi/ horror/ comedy Tammy and the T-Rex (1994). This wild movie is about Tammy (the lovely Denise Richards in her first movie), a perky cheerleader whose boyfriend Michael (Paul Walker in his first flick) gets left to die in a lion's den by her whacked-out and stalkery ex, Billy and his gang. Michael's brain gets transferred to a robot T-Rex by a mad scientist (Terry Kiser of Weekend at Bernies 1&2 and Friday thte 13th Part VII: The New Blood). Now a robot dino, Michael goes off to exact bloody revenge and get with his girl again. While, Tammy helps him find a new, human (and, of course, dead) body. I only saw this a few days ago on Vinegar Syndrome's gore drenched R-rated cut (the movie was only seen PG-13 before). Dumb, bloody, funny, sexy, and fun, it is a total blast to watch and the Blu-ray is excellent!
Our gorgeous blonde plays a female member of the gang who has the hots for psycho Billy. I honest, to God, think Durkin is the hottest girl in the movie, which is saying quite a bit. She is really sexy in it, but isn't given much to do. Yet, she manages to be memorable in the small role. Her looks certainly blew me away from the first moment she appears onscreen!
And, that is it as far as the genre credits for her goes. Her last credit was in 2014 for a movie called Spemicide, which is a great title, by the way! Maybe she is retired, but I do hope she decides to do horror conventions someday. While, she appeared in some shitty horror movies (save for Tammy and the T-Rex which rocks!), she was always great in them. In fact, in the worst of them, she was the most memorable aspect. For that reason and for being a teen and beyond crush, Shevonne Durkin is an official induct into this site's Horror Crushes!


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