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The 10 Best Movies of 2019 (Updated)

Last year was another phenomenal year for film, especially in the horror genre which has a lot of entries in my yearly list. Now, there are movies that I haven't seen (including: Midsummar, Parasite, Uncut Gems, Lighthouse, and  Bombshell), but as far as what I did see, here is my definitive list of my picks of the finest movies of 2019!

Honorable Mentions
Toy Story 4

10. The Perfection- This Netflix psychological horror flick has what might be my favorite script for a genre flick this year. The less you know about this one the better. It's smart, shocking, powerful, and timely with smashing performances from all involved especially the movies's two beautiful leads: Allison Williams and Logan Browning

9. Ready or Not- This ass kicking, fun, and fast paced mix of horror, action, and comedy is a complete fucking blast to watch. Exquisitely beautiful lead actress Samara Weaving is one of the year's best final girls. And, then there is that ending, which is absolutely the best of 2019!

8. Haunt- By and far the best slasher of last year. My full review: https://www.themastergio.com/2019/10/haunt-review.html

7. Horror Noire- This Shudder documentary is the best documentary that I saw last year. Smart, highly entertaining, and thought provoking with excellent interviews with everyone they choose, it is the last word on Black Americans in horror movies. 

6. Rambo: Last Blood- The year's most terribly underrated action movie is this final (supposedly) entry in the long running Rambo franchise. Featuring a great and graphically violent climax, the movie is a satisfying ending for our hero. I honestly think this more personal tale fits Rambo (at this point in his life, especially) very well, and Stallone gives a strong performance. Also, tell me that final kill doesn't make you wanna stand-up and cheer. 

5. John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum- From the most underrated, we go to the year's best action movie. Fast paced, exciting, fun, violent, and truly fucking awesome John Wick Chapter 3 is one of the greatest sequels in action movie history, topping the second movie (but still not as great as the first movie). Also, can we give Halle Berry and her dogs, their own spin-off movie?

4. Happy Death Day 2U- It sucks ass that this movie didn't do that good at the box office, because not only is it great but we'll never get the final movie in the trilogy. Moving farther into sci-fi world this one is really wild and feels fresh, instead of retreading the first movie. The gorgeous Jessica Rothe proves again that her character of Tree is truly worthy of being in the pantheon of the great horror final girls of all time, especially thanks to her performance. The sequel is also hilarious, in fact, I say that it is the funniest movie I saw last year! 

3. Avengers: End Game- This was a super satisfying ending to this long building chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Exciting, fun, and rousing, but also emotional and enthralling, it might just be the greatest superhero movie ever made.

2. Doctor Sleep- The year's finest horror movie is this horribly underrated (by audiences) sequel to The Shining. Managing to be both a follow up to the King book and the Kubrick flick is no mean feet and this fucker really pulls it off excellently. The acting and script are top notch, and the climax had me on the edge of my seat. Now, while I respect and like Kubrick's movie, I have never loved it. This flick I do adore, and think it is superior to that movie. In fact, it is one of greatest genre movies of the last decade. 

1. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood- I fell in love with this movie from the moment, I first saw it in the theaters. But, sometimes when I go back to a film, I like it less (and even less, in some cases, looking at you oh so mediocre The Force Awakens). Not so here, in fact, when I rewatched it, I loved it even more. Not that I thought that was even humanly possible. It is such a love letter to late 60s Hollywood and filled with phenomenal acting. DiCaprio and Pitt are fucking awesome and have a really wonderful friendship on camera. And, for what little time she has onscreen, Margot Robbie is a beautiful, loving, and wonderful capturing of classic beauty Sharon Tate. Plus, the revisionist history with the Manson family is fucking awesome! It has me cheering and laughing all the way through it (in both viewings!!!)! A near perfect, if not in fact perfect movie, that is one of Tarantino's truly finest and greatest movies. 

I would love to know what your favorites from last year are. Tell me in the comment section below.