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NYCC 2014- Sun

Sunday, Oct. 12, 2014 was the final day of NYCC, and on it, I had a good and very busy time. So, while the show may have ended earlier, there was still lots of cool things to see and do, beginning, of course, with cosplay, galore!!!
 These guys were there to promote the Angry Birds Transformers game.
 The Joker interviews Xena!
 These three gorgeous girls did some awesome and sexy video game cosplay!
 This Sharknado cosplay had to be one of the most innovative at the entire show!
You saw it first here, Hogan has joined the Wyatt Family... to get an autograph from Bret Hart!

Deadpool is such a pervert! Black Widow is gorgeous, though, so you can't blame a guy who has a healing factor for trying! LOL!

Do I even need to say it again? I LOVE Game of Thrones cosplay (for those who may not have heard it the first millions times, that I said it on my earlier Comic Con posts).

Holy shit! This Mojo Jojo was fuckin awesome!!!
I love that Mojo Jojo is hanging around, behind the young Professor X!
OMFG! Buffy cosplay!! Why don't more of you cosplayers do Buffy cosplay?! I had a massive geekgasm when I saw this!!
Sexy Pokemon cosplay is always welcomed!

They asked me if it was OK to do their poses. I was like hells yeah! This is true cosplay professionalism, ladies and gents! And, hotness, lots of cosplay hotness!
And, suddenly I feel like having some Capt Crunch!

My friend Kusumi makes for a badass Madame Hydra/ Viper (one of my personal favorite Marvel supervillians)!

At the end of the con, there was some DC cosplaying going on outside of the Javits Center.
This stunning beauty was my favorite Power-Girl at Comic Con this year.

Of course, there was lots of wondering around booths to be done, as well.

This stunner was at a booth where you could get your wild-west style pic taken. If all the girls looked as beautiful as her back then, then I need a time-machine, right now!

The gorgeous Riki "Riddle" LeCotey, of Heroes of Cosplay and one of my personal favorite cosplayers, signed autographs and met fans.

I saw this adorable kitty mascot was walking around the hallways of the Center, and I just had to get a pic with him! I had no clue who he was until I was given a little card by a lady who was accompanying him. His name is Doraemon. He is on a show on Disney XD called Doraemon: Gadget Cat from the Future. Apparently he is a robot cat from the 23rd filled with gadgets and tries to make some kid named Noby's life less tragic or some shit like that. I never saw it, but he's adorable and that is all that matters! Also, he could close and open his eyes, which was even cuter!!!
Remember the Power-Girl that you saw pics of earlier, in this post? Well, she was hanging by and posing for pics at the Troma booth a little earlier that day for a couple of minutes. And, uncle Lloyd was in them! I think this is why I fell in love in with her! Note to hot chicks, make sure you hang at the Troma booth at cons. It makes you that much hotter and more awesome!

Right next to the Troma booth was the I Love dooodolls by BSV Toys. They had this really cool, almost Deadpool like teddy bear as their mascot. Everyone wanted pics with him! I got the pic to the right of this paragraph with him. It was taken by BAS Photography and Design.

This ends of my day by day coverage of comic con. I have two more interviews from NYCC to post, though, so don't despair!

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