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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Irene Choi

October is one of the greatest months of the year, so I picked my newest crush as it's Hot Asian Girl of the Month: the beautiful Irene Choi!
Irene is an actress who has been in a couple of movies and TV shows. Sadly, I had never seen any of them, until I saw her on the awesome new show from IFC Garfunkel and Oates. She looked good and was really funny in it. She played a server. If she worked at a restaurant I would visit it as often as possible!
She was in a movie called The Nightmare Nanny which sounds and looks awful, but I felt that was enough to warrant her pick for the month of Oct. She was also in a short film with the title The Perils of Growing Up Flat-Chested. This has nothing to do with Halloween, horror, or Oct, but I would like to point that small boobs are fuckin awesome. I love them! Anyways, below is a BTS video from it.

She was also on Community which I have never seen either, but hey Alison Brie is on it. And, she's hot, too! Below is a great shot cause it shows off both of their legs.
Irene is a real cutie. She looks even more sexy in glasses and has, as I have already proven, some really hot legs, to boot. And, hey maybe someday she will be in more horror flicks. No matter what she is this month's pick.