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NYCC 2014- Sat Pt. 1


Saturday is always the biggest, busiest, and most packed day at NYCC. Being that this was THE most packed Comic Con, yet, that dear readers and friends, says a lot about just how many people there were in Javits Center! As such, I am once again breaking coverage of it into two parts. As the picture above, of an awesome Harley Quinn that managed to stick out in a sea of Harleys, represents there was a ton of cosplay to be enjoyed. And, as one would imagine on a Sat, the amount of it was enormous.  Here the first half of some of my favorites that I saw on that day:
OMFG how AWESOME (yes, I used that word on purpose, if you saw the highly enjoyable Lego Movie, you will get it) is this Lego Batman?! It's easily in my top 10 best cosplay of the con.
Another one in my top ten has to be this Agt. Smith and Trinity of The Matrix. Tell me that they do not look perfect!!
OK, so I say this a lot, but I really do LOVE Game of Thrones cosplay, especially when done by hotties!
Snake Plisken was a genuine badass cosplay! The dude is also a big Carpenter fan, as he has a Michael Myers tat. He also liked the Halloween baseball tee that I was wearing.
 Deadpool is headless thanks to a Sub-Zero!
I gotta say the Mortal Kombat group cosplay was pretty badass and lent itself to cool pics and poses.

 Apparently there is some crossover with Sailor Moon that I wasn't informed of! Or I am guessing neither were any of you! Just kidding!
 More Game of Thrones! Yay!!!
 Uhm, wow. Just wow!!
 Sexy Rocket Racoon!
This is a really badass Agent Venom, a character I have become a fan of thanks to the current The Thunderbolts comic. I know he's no longer on that team, but you get my drift. I love that Spidey was walking right passed him, BTW.
 I choose you sexy Polyvore!
It is a known fact that Deadpool gets all the hotties.

Now, hows about we hit some booths? After all, I spent a good portion of my time at them.
 What do you think I was telling ET, here?

Usually around this time of year the last thing I wanna do is think about Christmas, or the holidays in general. I mean it's Oct, for crissakes, so it should be Halloween, only, please! But, even I have to admit the Xmas ornaments and decorations that were on display at the Kurt S. Adler booth were freaking epic! There are so many awesome franchises like The Walking Dead, Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc that they do. I would LOVE to have a bunch of these in my house at the holidays. And, who knows maybe one of these days, I will!

 I think the Star Wars nutcrackers are some of the coolest things that I have ever seen!
Game of Thrones! Do you think that if I have this in my house one of the hotties doing GoT cosplay will come over?
 Of course, there has to be Hello Kitty stuff!
 THIS is the way a Christmas tree should look like!

There was a booth that promoted the Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 game that came out on the 14th of this month from Bandai Namco. As such this adorable little mascot was there! It's Inky! This guy was just too freakin cute! He bobbled up and down and bought much joy and smiles to the con!

This is the beautiful Farrah of Tread Water. My God is she gorgeous or what?! Those eyes!! Those lips! *swoon*

As I said in the earlier post, that would do, I went back to the Troma booth to get my blu-ray of Return to Nuke Em High Vol. 1 signed by Catherine Corcoran and Asta Paredes. At the moment I got there only Asta was there. I would end up getting Catherine to sign it, a little later in the day. But, more on that in part two! But, as a bonus I got to meet Mark Quinette who played Michelangelo, AKA the Cretin who keeps saying "Oh snap!" in the movie. He's a really cool and friendly dude in person.

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