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Flyleaf- Live from NYC 10/17/14

This week, on Thurs,  Oct. 18, 2014, I attended a Flyleaf concert at Gramercy Theatre in NYC. It was my first time seeing the band, despite being a long time fan of theirs, since their debut album, actually. That this concert was with their new signer, Kristen May, whose voice I love, had me even more excited for it.

I actually got tickets at a discounted price cause I ordered them through the opening act, Charetta's website. I first became aware of this band when I saw them open up at the Revolver's Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock in NYC show. I called them the best opening act back then, and I still stand by that. They rock hard as hell, and their beautiful lead signer Angelina DelCarmen has an amazing voice with a killer vocal range. She also has a great stage presence and is backed by a talented band that really knows how to bring it. These guys have the whole rock star thing onstage down to a pat. With the butt kicking style and excellent quality of the straight up hard rock/ heavy metal music that they play, they deserve a ton of success. That Angelina is such a sweetheart and is so down-to-earth, only adds to their awesomeness. I hope they break through and become huge!! Check them out, you will not be disappointed, I guarantee it!
 Before the show I got say hi and talk to Angelina for a little bit.
 Angelina rocks so freaking hard! I swear she blows away some signers out there who front "bigger" bands.
Having bought their excellent latest EP, Apocalypse, the last time I saw them, I was happy to hear many songs that I love and recognized, including the totally ripping track that is "Watch It Burn".
This was the last show with their bass player Rich Mollo so it ended with an emotional hug as the band hugged him goodbye. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

After two more opening acts Flyleaf came on stage and, to sort of quote their current hit single, set the place on fire! The band played hard and rocked the entire house! Kristen proved within minutes to any doubters (if there were any at this show) watching it live that she is more than capable to carry band. In fact, at one point, still early in the performance, the crowd was chanting her name!!! She has such an amazing and beautiful voice. The range and emotion with she sings is just captivating. That's not even taking into account her stage presence. Not only is she a naturally stunning beauty, but she definitely knows how to hold the audience in her hand. She dances, jumps, and moves around all over the stage.

She is also incomparable in her interaction with the crowd. For one of my favorite songs, and a favorite among of most, if not all, Flyleaf fans, "Cassie", she got off the stage and sang with the fans. She would later repeat this even getting inside the crowd, to sing and dance with them, at one point. Her fan interaction would conclude with her stage-diving into us!

Most of the songs came off of their amazing current album, Between the Stars, including all of my favorites from there, like "Set Me on Fire", "Traitor", "Platonic", and "Marionette", as well classic hits from the band like "Fully Alive", "Again", and an amazing version of "All Around Me". They came back for two songs in the encore, including their seminal classic "I'm So Sick" and a beautiful duet with opening act with Ryan White.

And, after all of that, they took some time out to meet the fans by sign autographs, and even take pictures with them at their merchandse table!! How many bands, as big and successful as they are, would ever think of doing this? And, I am not counting bands who charge extra for you to hang/ meet them backstage or whatever, either. Other than any merch you choose to buy (and you didn't really need to do that either), it was free! I got the CD signed and a poster. And, everyone was just so nice and cool in the band. Two of the guys even liked my Misfits/ Marilyn Monroe tee that I had on! And, Kristen was all smiles and so humble as I told her how awesome she and everyone in the band was! My selfie with her is easily one of my favorite moments in the entire year. No, wait this concert was one of the best moments for me in the entire year! 

 I have seen fan interaction but I don't think anyone does it as awesome or lovingly as Kristen does!

 She has such energy on stage! I freaking love her!!!
 The band plays so good and so hard! You know you are at a rock/ metal show when you see and hear them!!
I think we all just about flipped the heck out when she actually got in the crowd and sang and danced with us!!!

When she got on her knees, as in the lyrics of "Again", while she sang it, it was with such emotion, strength, and heart, that I don't know if I have the words to describe. I hope that, at very least, the pic above can capture even a fraction of it.
 When she stage dived into crowd!!! Just awesome!!
That duet with Ryan White was breathtaking!!!