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Horror Crush: Katie Featherston

It's October, which means it's time to fill this blog up with tons of horror related posts. Today, I'm  paying tribute and showing some love to the beautiful and sexy star of the Paranormal Activity movies: Katie Featherston!

The gorgeous Miss. Featherston was born on October 20, 1982 (which means her birthday is, coincidentally enough this month!) in Texas.

She is, of course, best known for her role as Katie in the Paranormal Activity series. I remember going to see the first film and being very pleased with her excellent performance. As Katie is she a young housewife terrorized by a malevolent, unseen demon that haunts her. Her asshole of a husband doesn't believe her and, especially in repeated viewings, comes off as a total douchebag. The other thing that stood out, immediately to me, is how naturally beautiful she is. She has one hell of a body! Her ass is really nice, but boobs are truly amazing! I was knocked out by them. Shit, who would blame any spirit for wanting to haunt this hottie? Overall the film is a solid and creepy movie, that became a huge hit and spawned a bunch of sequels that ranged in quality.  

She came back to all of them, though her role size varied. She has just a cameo in the second one (the story had more to do with her sister Kristi), which was just OK. Much better is the third one, which is actually a prequel and the best in the series, I think. She also only had a cameo in that entry. But, she had a much larger role in the fourth film, which moved the story away from her and Katie. Said movie was just OK, though. Unlike, the awesome The Marked Ones, which came out earlier this year and ranks among the best entries in the series. That being said, Katie's role was a really quick cameo. On a side note, have you notice that the odd numbered entries in the series are better than the even ones? Just saying.

I really like Featherston, because she is not just a beautiful face with a killer body. She's a really good actress, and it's cool that her name is connected to a horror franchise, especially one as influential as this one. We can argue all day and night about this influence being good or not on the genre, but even as someone who is hesitant and tired of found footage films, I admit to liking this series. And, I like every entry, even the lesser ones, to one degree or another. Other than Saw and Child's Play there are no long running horror franchises that I can say that about. 

That all being said, I would LOVE to see her in other horror films. She is probably my favorite current, mainstream scream queen. Though, I do wish she would do some horror conventions, most especially Chiller and/ or Monstermania so that I can meet her in person! In interviews, she always comes off as a down-to-earth chick.So, meeting her would probably awesome!

But, let's not bullshit, I would alos love to see her take her top off and show off her amazing, jaw-dropping, god-given knockers. The director who get her to do this will be my new hero and god. I will buy him a ton of beer! The offer is up! So, who wants to take it?

With a flawless, beautiful face, gorgeous blue eyes, and a body that is too die for, this goddess of horror is without a doubt one of the most naturally sexiest women in all of horror. And, she is most definitely has one of the greatest chests in the entire genre today. I love Katie and look forward to her being in the next PA flick, which has, sadly been pushed back. Though to be fair two PA movies in one year, might be too much. But, maybe I am wrong. I mean, is there really such a thing as too much Katie? I think not!