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Update for Oct 2014

It's been a long time since I did one of these updates. I know at one point, I had mentioned that meant to these once a month, but honestly a million things got in the way of that including, but not limited to: other things I had to write about, work (which can include writing, of course), and a very rough patch of stuff that I have been going through/ still am in many ways. In all, sometimes the best laid plans don't always turn out the way you want them to. The question is does this mean that this fully back to being a monthly thing on my site? Hard to say, but I would like it if it did. Anyways let's get this started already, I got a bunch of stuff to cover:

And, to do that, we are gonna start with conventions. Right off the bat, I can tell you that I will be all four days (with help from my crew/ Master's Minions on some of those days), from beginning to end of New York Comic Con, Oct. 8-12, of this year. I got my pro-pass and am ready to get my comic con press beat on! I am most looking forward to seeing the Twisted Twins, Jen and Sylvia Soska again, who gave me what is not only my favorite pic from from NYCC 2013 but one of my favorite pics of all time, which you can see to the left of this paragraph. At the bottom is another one of my favorite pics I got at the show.
Vampy Bit Me is some else I cannot wait to see again. She is always a sweetheart and a friend. The above pic comes courtesy of Negative Pop and has her and my former camera-girl Kristin.

That being said, I do not know if I will be at Chiller. I would like to be, of course. There is an amazing guest list, but, it might just not be economically possible for me. Be sure to follow my Twitter and Facebook fan/ biz page, I'll keep you updated on that there!

I can tell you that I will be at Exxxotica NJ, with my crew/ Master's Minions next month. Too early for me to have set up anything, but I already have some ideas of who I want to interview. I can say that I am very excited to see the beautiful Tera Patrick perform her burlesque show! That , in of itself, should be worth seeing! The picture to the left of her and myself comes courtesy of BAS Photography and Design.

Last year, I didn't get to do my list of horror movies that I watched in October. Let's hope I can this year. I already started and for some odd reason (as in not by design) been watching all ghost/ demonic spirit movies. For example, I saw Annabelle, which was horribly disappointing. I LOVED The Conjuring but this prequel was just cheap and cheesy, like a double cheeseburger at McDonald's.

The following paragraphs have some TV and comic-book spoilers, you have been warned!

This is fall so that means the new season is upon us!! Already, Nickelodeon's AMAZING Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ended it's second season with the Krang invading Earth, injuring Leo, and Splinter missing and badly beaten up by the Shredder. The week after (this past Fri), the third season started with a bang! The turtles are recovering and away from NYC. The beatdown on him has left Leo with damaged vocal cords, hence a new voice, now done by Seth Green! Well done explanation for the change guys! Right off the bat, we are reminded that the writers LOVE horror on this show, as they battled a Jason Voorhees inspired baddie! Add this to that fact that they already played tribute to The Fly (both original and remake), Alien and Aliens, and Big Trouble in Little China, and we have a show that has it's horror love on it's scaly sleeves!

I am VERY much looking forward to the return of Grimm, Supernatural, and Arrow, as well as the debuts of two new DC comic shows: The Flash and Constantine. American Horror Story: Freak Show I am apathetic towards, though. After an awful second season the show seemed to redeem itself last season, only to end on a godawful season finale. Will they finally be fully back on track this season? Who the fuck knows. The Walking Dead remains a frustrating show, with a mixed bag last season (wait that's every season post season one), topped off by a truly terrible and lazy season finale. I am watching both, for sure, but my excitement for either or is at meh.

Finally, I am gearing up for the newest Marvel comics big crossover: Axis. I read the direct lead-in to it, Uncanny Avengers #25, where the Red Skull, who has stolen the mental abilities of the late Professor X, has some X-Men held prisoner by himself and his S-Men. Magneto battles the villain and kills him by dropping a large piece of metal on him and gruesomely crushing his skull. The evil bastard soon comes back, though, now infused with the power of Onslaught (a villain comprised of the darkside of Professor X and Magneto). The Red Skull is perhaps comics' most evil, remorseless, and unrepentant evil fuck. Being a Nazi, he is devoid of any code of honor or redeeming quality that guys like Magneto or Dr. Doom may have. He is pure, unadulterated evil, which makes for fun read, when he is used. And, if this is done right this crossover might just fucking rule!


That's all for this post! Take care and remember, this being October, I'm gonna try and focus on more horror-centric posts!