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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2016, pt. 6: 20-11

20. Elizabeth Olsen (last year #47)- I think I fall more in love with the beautiful Elizabeth Olsen after I see each new movie of hers. I was completely and utterly captivated by her in this year's phenomenal Captain America: Civil War. Not, only did she look truly enchanting (pun intended) and breathtaking but her take on the Scarlet Witch made her one of my favorite characters in the movie.

19. Katrina Law (last year ranked 2014 #27)- Admit ably the lack of Nyssa (Katrina Law) on Arrow has been one of the few crappy things about this otherwise fine season. But, meeting Law at Heroes and Villains in the summer was a highlight of 2016. She was so nice and my pic with her was one of most epic pics I that I ever took with someone ever! Just check out my write-up for proof: http://themastergio.blogspot.com/2016/07/heroes-and-villians-ny-2016.html

18. Jane Levy (last year ranked 2013 #69)- I absolutely LOVED Jane Levy's performance in the magnificent Don't Breathe. I also loved how beautiful she looked. Enough so that she returned with a vengeance after a three year absence and sky rocketed up this list. She also had the distinct honor this year of being added to this site's Horror Crushes: http://themastergio.blogspot.com/2016/08/horror-crush-jane-levy.html

17. Trillium (new)- I am not gonna mince any words here, Trillium is one of the best newer girls in the porn biz, today. In fact, she, currently, is my personal favorite young girl in skin flicks. This naturally beautiful and sexy as fuck blonde is breathtaking. When I saw her in person at this year's Adult Entertainment Expo, I was captivated by her beauty. And, her scenes are always volcanic!!

16. Whitney Moore (new)- I don't think I even knew who she was till she began appearing on MetalSucks videos, but I love her now! Funny, blonde, beautiful, and a fellow metalhead, she is total future wifey material. And, her hosting the Week in Metal on that aforementioned metal site's YouTube is one of the greatest things on that whole social media video network!

15. Jessica Cameron (last year #23)- This blonde scream queen and horror director continues her upward movement on the list. With so many hotly anticipated projects that her fans await to be released, her constant presence on social media (including ALL those awesome YouTube videos that she posts), and her kick ass roles, it is to see why. The stunner managed to make the holidays all the better by appearing on the bloody and awesome Christmas slasher All Through the House, which as available to watch and own this year. And, which I reviewed and loved! But, aside from her beauty, hard work ethic, and love for the genre, there is her love for cats and dogs, which proves she is beautiful inside and out.

14. Asta Paredes (last year ranked 2014 #15)- This dark haired beauty returns to the list after a one year absence thanks to her excellent role in Rich Mallory and Ruby Larocca's awesome Sociopathia. Another lady whose outer beauty is matched by her inner, Paredes is one the genre's best and most beloved current horror actresses.

13. Vera Farmiga (last year #6)- Farmiga remains as stunning as ever and as talented. Her performance on Bates Motel was as amazing and as complex, as ever. All of which made it that more tragic and shocking when (SPOILER!!!) her character gets killed by her son Norman Bates. in the later part of this season.


12. Amanda Schull (last year #11)- Amanda Schull's character of Dr. Cassandra Rally on 12 Monkeys remains one of the best characters on all of TV. Cassie went through so much this season and her character had to go through so many different feelings. It's a complex role that this truly breathtaking beauty takes with all of the gusto and talent need and well beyond.

11. Tatiana Maslany (last year #10)- This season of Orphan Black started out kind of weak then hit its stride. The season finale was all kinds of awesome and as always the gorgeous Tatiana Maslany was able to handle all of her roles with incredible acting ability. She is truly one of the finest (acting and looking) actress in the history of TV.

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