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Horror Crush: Rachel Nichols

It's been a while since I added a babe to the Horror Crushes section of this site. With this being Christmas season and all, I figured I would add a babe from a Christmas horror movie. So, with that in mind let us induct the gorgeous Rachel Nichols. You can consider this an early Christmas present from me to you!
Rachel Nichols was born on January 8, 1980 in Augusta, Main, though she began her modeling career here in New York City, while attending Columbia University. I first developed a crush on her thanks to her role on Alias, which began in 2005. That same year she appeared in her first horror movie, the remake of The Amityville Horror.
The movie, itself, is a pretty decent remake of the original. Admit ably that movie isn't great, but it's pretty good. It is up for debate as to which of these two is the better film. I prefer the original, but not by that much and totally get those who like the remake more. Anyway, one of her costars here is one of this site's earliest inductions into Horror Crushes: Melissa George (see pic above)! Anyway, Nichols plays a naughty and sexy as fuck babysitter.
She's pretty good, I suppose, though she isn't given much to do other than play a stereotypical bad teenage chick. The son in the movie develops a crush on her, and that is understandable as hell. Now, I never had a babysitter, in my life. But, if they all look like Nichols, I sure as hell would've loved to have one! I would have been the happiest kid on God's green earth! I mean look at that stomach! That's what I call perfect!
Her next horror flick is one of her best roles and best flicks that she's been in: P2. A nail-biting and suspenseful horror thriller, Rachel plays Angela Bridges a young businesswoman who has a parking attendant, Thomas (Wes Bentley) trap her in a Manhattan building's parking garage on Christmas Eve. The movie has excellent acting from both performers and really ranks among the best of Christmas horror movies.
I would talk more about the movie, but you guys seem to be loving my recent Christmas horror flick reviews, so I think I will work on doing a review for this one. Anyways, like I said she is perfectly cast in the role, giving a good range of emotions. She also looks quite perfect, herself. Her cleavage might be one of the greatest in horror movie history.
Her next horror flick is the genre bending and vicious, Raze (which I reviewed sometime back). She has a rather small but pivotal role. Her fight with lead actress Zoe Bell really sets the tone for this overlooked exploitation flick. Nichols is quite good in her role, and looks, of course, quite good, as well.
Being that I watch P2 every year during the holiday season Rachel Nichols holds a very special place in my heart. Beautiful, sexy, and a great actress, I actually think she is sometimes overlooked. Anyway the point is that she rightfully deserves her inclusion as a Horror Crush!