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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2016, pt. 3: 50-41

50. Catrina (Karlee Leilani Perez) (new)- The only woman to be involved in wrestling that made the list this year also happens to be THE sexiest woman to be currently and actively working in the wrestling world, she is Lucha Underground's beautiful Catrina. Real name Karlee Leilani Perez, as Catrina she plays an evil, sexy, and possibly immortal heel valet who accompanies one of the companies scariest and most badass wrestlers, Mil Muertes! She controls said undead wrestling monster and is known for her lick of death given to wrestlers, both male and female(!!) laid out on the floor, as a sign of their end is to come. She also wears sexy, tight outfits, and like it has been said here before, being bad is fucking sexy!

49. Rachel McAdams (new)- One of my long time favorites played the former girlfriend of Doctor Strange in the very enjoyable movie of the same name. While, she wasn't given the most deep or profound role, she was very likable in it. And, she looked great. I also wanna say that if more doctors looked like her, more people would want to go to the doctor!

48. Felicity Feline (new)- Adult performer, drummer, and DJ, the beautiful and multi-faceted Felicity Feline is rapidly developing a huge and loyal following. She also gave me a great interview last month at Exxxotica NJ, that has become one of my most popular posts ever, in an almost record amount of time!

47. Violett Beane (new)- Playing Jessie Quick, the beautiful Violett Beane had very quickly become the hottest babe on The Flash. I also genuinely loved her character and her portrayal of her. Plus, she happened to look damn cute in THAT superhero outfit! It does suck that her character is currently not on the season, anymore. Here is hoping she comes back sooner, rather than later, this season!

46. Lzzy Hale (last year #33)- Releasing one of the best albums of last year, Into the Wild Life, I was pumped to see Lzzy's band Halestorm after having not seen them for what felt for too fucking long. And, boy did they ever deliver with one of the best shows that I saw this year! Lzzy is an AMAZING performer live with a voice to die for. Of course, she remains one of hard rock/ metal's most beautiful and awesome women .

45. Cara Delevingne (new)- Let's be honest (aren't I always?), Suicide Squad, while being the best of the DC Universe movies, was a freaking uneven mess. And, the Enchantress was a cool character used in an awful manner. In fact, she shouldn't have been the threat at all. The beautiful lady who played her, Cara Delevingne didn't do much other than shack her sexy hips. But, damn did she ever look good in THAT outfit. Even if her performance left much to be desired (I am blaming the writing and NOT her), she is completely desirable!

44. Jillian Janson (last year #20)- One of the most naturally beautiful ladies in the adult biz, Jillian also remains one of its' most popular. Aside, from nominations and awards, she has a huge and loyal fan following. I once again got to interview her at the AVN Expo. And, it, once again, became one of my most viewed posts! But, with her stunning beauty, sweet, naturally, bubbly personality, and, of course, smoldering sex scenes, how it not be?

43. Scarlett Johansson (last year #42)- Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow had a great conflicted storyline in this year's phenomenal Captain America: Civil War. As always, she looked AMAZING in THAT tight outfit and kicked some major ass in the movie.


42. Jaimie Alexander (last year #35)- Jaimie Alexander's Jane Doe is having a very interesting and strongly conflicted/ emotional storyline on the most badass action series on TV, Blindspot. With the whole idea of her "brother" being a member of the terrorist group, that she and the rest of our heroes are battling, Alexander got a lot to play with. And, needless to say she kicked ass and looked so fucking good doing just that!

41. Barbara Crampton (new)- at 57, scream queen and horror legend Barbara Crampton still looks AMAZING! And, I mean it! She is a breathtaking beauty, one that like fine wine, gets better with time. I know, I know, that is a cliched thing to say. But, who gives a fuck? I mean it when it comes to her. Do you want proof? Look at the photoshoot that she did for Delirium magazine, which resulted in one of the most beautiful covers that I have seen on a horror rag all year! She is also giving some amazing performances, like the well made Road Games.
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