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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2016, pt. 5: 30-41

30. Rose McIver (last year #60)- iZombie THE greatest zombie show on TV was fucking amazing last season; including some episode that really upped the horror level. McIver remains one of my favorite lead actresses on a TV show, and it has just sucked waiting for the new seasons to start. But, it's coming, and I am on pins and needles waiting for it!!

29. Riae Suicide (last year #28)- She is still one of the most popular of all the Suicide Girls. And, anytime she posts a pic on social media, the world is a better place for it!

28. Alison Tyler (new)- Alison Tyler has one of the hottest bodies in all of porn. Tall, sexy, curvy, and gorgeous, she was the perfect choice to bring Wonder Woman to life in Axel Braun's porn parody of Batman V. Superman. And, I think, she is a hotter, and a physically better pick than Gal Gadot is. There I said it, again! I actually met Ms. Tyler at AEE this year, and she is breathtaking in person, as well, as quite friendly.

27. Marisa Tomei (last year ranked 2009 #50)- Never in my life did I ever think I would be drooling over and lusting for Aunt May. But, Marisa Tomei changed all that with her portrayal of the character in Captain America: Civil War! For that reason alone, not only did she return to the list, but did so at number 27!

26. Will Holland (last year #38)- I think I fall more in love with Will Holland with every season of Arrow. This season saw her retire from being a superheroine. And, with she went through the shitty season before you can understand why her character did that. But, she went back to her Speedy costume for the awesome Invasion DC/ CW TV crossover event. Her emotional scene with Ollie was a series highlight, as she wished to stay in a false world where their parents still lived.

25. Tristan Risk (last year #24)- Tristan Risk might be the sexiest women in horror movies, today. She is more than likely the most badass. And, she combines that in her role in Frankenstein Created Bikers. And, this is all caped off by her intelligence, making her fucking perfectly awesome!

24. Tamzin Merchant (last year #16)- She might be the cutest babe on Salem. Her complex character of Anne Hale is certainly one of the most interesting characters on the show. While, she seems to turn more and more evil, there are moments of the sweet girl, she was once. It makes it very hard to hate her, honestly.

23. Claire Coffee (last year #27)- Next year will be the end of Grimm. Goddamn it, does that ever suck! But, I have been LOVING Coffee's character of Adalind's relationship with Nick. They best not end or change that! On a side note, with this last season being severely short, I am suffering from withdrawal of not seeing Coffee's beauty grace my TV!

22. Elise Eberle (new)- The sexiest babe on Salem, Elise Eberle as Mercy, is fucking hot as, well, hell. A very bad girl, it's hard for me to cheer against her, no matter how evil she might be. In fact, I am team Mercy, all the way! Eberle is excellent in her role, and I just crush on her more and more with the passing of time.

21. Aly Michalka (last year #44)- Let's not mince any words here, I absolutely love Aly Michalka. And, I complete love her character of Peyton on iZombie. Last season was a great one, both for her character and the show, in general. Michalka is so naturally beautiful and sexy, as well as a great actress, that it fills me with utter joy whenever she is being featured, if even for a split second, on an episode.

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