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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2016, pt. 4: 40-31

40. Kimberly Freeman (last year #34)- The beautiful Kimberly Freeman of One-Eyed Doll remains one of rock's most original and cool frontwomen. She's specially awesome live, which I got to do, again in April of this year. Freeman is also one of the music world's most legitimately sweethearted talents that you'll find anywhere.

39. Nadia White (new)- Adult performer and horror movie actress, Nadia White is one of the most fucking awesome babes that you will find in the entire world. Sexy as fuck, she is the very definition of a bombshell. Plus, I had the complete pleasure of not only finally meeting her in person but interviewing her last month at Exxxotica NJ.


38. Caity Lotz (last year same)- The very yummy Caity Lotz' character of Sarah Lance, AKA the White Canary, is just as badass as ever, expect now she is leading the ragtag hero team on Legends of Tomorrow. She is always a shining star and highlight of that show (or any of the DC TV universe that she guest stars), even in the weakest of the episodes. As portrayed be her, the White Canary always looks hot and likes girls. That right there, makes her the sexiest superheroine ever!


37. Emily Hampshire (last year #54)- Emily Hampshire's character Jennifer Goines on one of the greatest sci-fi shows of all time, 12 Monkeys, is one of the most fun, complex, and fascinating character on all of TV right. The gorgeous Ms. Hampshire turns in amazing performances in each and every of the series. And, the thing is her character just keeps getting better and better! Which is just one of many why she jumped so high up on the list.

36. Eva Green (last year #18)- Penny Dreadful was one of the finest horror shows on TV. The impossibly gorgeous Eva Green was giving some of the finest performances that you'll ever seen on any TV series. Sadly the show ended abruptly this year. Oh, and the ending sucked, as did what happened to Green's character.


35. Margot Robbie (new)- No matter what you thought of Suicide Squad, ya gotta admit that the beautiful Margot Robbie was one of the main highlights, if not THE main highlight of the movie. As Harley Quinn, she was perfectly cast, and looked AMAZING in that outfit. Her character launched a million, and counting, cosplays at comic conventions everywhere on God's green Earth. And, with an ass like that she undoubtedly launched a million naughty fanboy, and fangirl, fantasies.

34. Riley Reid (new)- Riley Reid and her amazing behind, one of my favorite butts in the world, always have a hell of a line at AEE, and this year was no exception. Expect that I finally got to meet her, and she is fucking AWESOME in person! On top of that, she was up for and won awards at AVN, all of which she deserved.

33. Mixi (new)- The beautiful and tatted signer of Stitched Up Heart, Mixi is so sweet and down-to-earth in person, that I don't think my mere words can do her enough justice. On top of that her love for animals, in particular cats, further proves that she beautiful inside and out. Her band released their debut album, Never Alone, which is a very solid album, and I got catch them live when they opened for Sick Puppies in the spring.

32. Gillian Anderson (new)- The X-Files, one of the greatest horror/ sci-fi shows of ALL time, came back this year for a mini-series. And, it was awesome! Gillian Anderson, and everyone else, were great in their returning roles. Anderson looks more beautiful than ever, though fellow horror fans who were watching Hannibal before the this show came back on, already knew this fact.

31. Gina Carano (last year ranked 2013 #62)- After a 3 year absence from the list, the sexy as fuck Gina Carrano returns, doubling her ranking! And, it is all thanks to her looking legitimately delicious and badass as Angel Dust in Deadpool. Seriously, that movie fortified my crush on her. Bad girls! You gotta love them!

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