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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2016, pt. 1: 70-61

December is here! Which means it's time to take a look at the 70 Hottest Babes of the Year! As with last year, the girls chosen must come from horror, geek culture, adult entertainment, or the music world of metal, hard rock, or punk. I have been doing this list since the site's inception, but I think this is the most fun one that I have doing my always popular list. As always the ranking of the person is not only based on her looks (though that obviously plays a big part), but also on what they have accomplished this year and their overall importance and impact in their fields.
Anyways, let's stop wasting time and get right to it!

70. Ana De la Reguera (new)- Playing the role of Venganza Vordugo (tell me that name isn't fucking awesome!) on this the third, and thus far best, season of From Dusk till Dawn gorgeous Mexican actress Ana De la Reguera was sexy and dangerous (which, in turn made her MORE sexy). Her complex character was pivotal to the season and a definite highlight for me. Enough so that based solely on that role, she starts off the list and makes her debut on it.

69. Dana Vespoli (new)- One of the sexiest performers in the adult biz, Dana Vespoli is also one of the best filmmakers in it. She fills her movies with hot sex and the right amount of nasty content. I love the girl-girl stuff that she directs for Sweetheart Video, which end up being some of the best lesbian porn out there.


68. Morena Baccarin (new)- This Brazilian beauty starred in the truly fucking awesome Deadpool movie. There she played his love interest. Her sexy good looks and fun performance made her a hoot to watch and drool all over. And, despite how fucked up he looks, we consider Wade "Deadpool" Wilson one lucky motherfucker cause he dates this beauty. Baccarin should be known by fans for earlier roles like the "V" reboot series, but her role in the aforementioned comic-book flick is my personal favorite of hers, so far. Though, I ain't gonna lie. I wish she had bared some skin in the flick!

67. Daisy Ridley (last year #70)- She opened up the list and moves three spots up this year. The gorgeous Ms. Ridley was great as my favorite good character, Rey, from last year's ass kicking The Force Awakens. Actually considering Kylo Ren was kind of a bitch, she was my favorite new character in the Star Wars universe, period. As proof of that, I have gotten a couple of her character's merch. Having a crush on her certainly played into that. And, with those eyes of hers, who the fuck wouldn't crush on her?!

66. Audrey Esparza (new)- Another babe new to the least, Audrey Esperanza, has been kicking some serious ass on one of the most badass shows currently on TV: Blindpsot. This Latin hottie looks so good, I wanna break the law, just so she can cuff me and interrogate her! Her role of Tasha Zapata has ended up being my second favorite character on it. And, her relationships with the other characters, as well as her own character arc, are some of the show's most fascinating and compelling.


65. Wrenn Schmidt (new)- Earning the award for best new horror show you didn't watch this year is Outcast. Based on the comic of the same name, the series has some solid acting and a couple of lovely ladies. But, its redhead Wrenn Schmidt, who plays Megan Holter, that I crushed on hardest. She is excellent in her role. Enough so that she was awarded Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series by the ComicBook TV Awards, something she most definitely deserved!

64. Anna Bell Peaks (new)- Anna Bell Peaks has acquired a lot of success in the porn world in a very short period of time. Awards and mass popularity have been achieved thanks to her hard work and hard-on causing work. In fact, she partook in my favorite threesome scene of the year, where she was bringing to life one of my favorite DC supervillian babes, Killer Frost, and had sex with Poison Ivy and the Riddler. That was for the movie Suicide Squad XXX: An Axel Braun Porn Parody. I also got to interview her, in her hotel room, back in Jan at AEE/ AVN, in what became one of my most popular interviews of the year.

63. Madison Davenport (new)- Madison Davenport really came into her own with her character of Kate getting possessed on From Dusk Till Dawn. Being bad added a whole lot of sexiness to her character, which she played to the hilt. It's just one of many reasons why this has been the best season the show has had so far.


62. Chyler Leigh (new)- Playing Supergirl's adopted sister, Alex Danvers, the beautiful Chyler Leigh kicks ass and looks good doing it. The recent revelation that her character is lesbian was tastefully handled, as well, as being hot!


61. Sophie Turner (new)- Sophie Turner's character of Sansa has grown and toughened up over on Game of Thrones quite a bit. But, with all the bad shit that she has gone through, it just had to happen. Sadly, her talent was wasted on the crappy X-Men: Age of Apocalypse. Playing Jean Grey wasn't her strongest performance, but then the movie sucked as whole. Perhaps, if it had been better movie and role, her ranking would have been higher.