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Cosplay of WinterCon 2016

This past Saturday, Dec. 3, 2016, as press, I got to attend WinterCon for my first time ever. The convention, which I was blown away by, was held at the very awesome Resorts World Casino in Queens, NY. WinterCon was big and a lot of fun, and I am not lying when I say that it was one of my favorite cons that I went to this year! The guests were awesome, the deals on swag great, and lots of cool cosplayers were onhand. I got lots of great pictures and some truly amazing interviews. Those are currently being worked on, but when you see who I interviewed, your minds will be blown away!

For this first write-up on it, I figured I would share with you some of my favorite cosplays that I saw that day.

This cosplayer below had a kick ass female Predator! What's really cool is the fact that she wore a masked and did make-up! I had to get and post pics of both of these looks. She just looks amazing and totally badass!
This is my friend Salem as Deadpool (below). He recognized me, as I couldn't tell who it was with him being in full cosplay gear. He asked me where my Punisher cosplay was. I had considered it, but in the long run opted out. Punisher will be back next year. I promise! Anyways, my friend looks fucking cool, as hell, doesn't he?
 Daphne holds up a Scooby Snack, which they all seem to want.
But, then Robin, having learned from the Joker, steals the snack for himself! What a vile, awful villian he has become!
Remember that awesome episode of Spongebob Squarepants where he finds a pencil? And, then whatever he draws comes to life? And, when he draws himself, a little evil version of himself pops up and cause mayhem? Well this cosplayer, below, did an awesome cosplay of just that!
OK, I want to see this fight in a Marvel movie. I know it won't happen cause, they tend to keep the movies and Netflix shows separate. But, a geek can dream right?
Oh dear God, this girl did an AWESOME Black Canary cosplay. Her pose kicked ass! And, she ranks among the most beautiful Black Canary cosplayers that I have ever seen!

That's it for now. I have a tons more to post from this convention. So be sure to stayed tuned!