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Toy Fair 2016: NECA

NECA is always in my top three or two booths that I like to hit up at Toy Fair. This past Feb. 2016, things were no different. As always they had some cool ass toys. Let's begin with these replicas which are big, expensive as fuck, and truly awesome!


 The above are based on the amazing Starz series Ash Vs. Evil Dead. The demon alone would be cool to add to my collection!
 I really, really like the Leatherface from Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2!
 Wyld Stallions rule!!!

This is definitely one of the most badass Terminator figures I have ever seen! Tech Noir Terminator (right) is a must have! NECA definitely have some great Terminator toys (based on the first two movies) coming or already out.

Of course, their Alien and Predator lines are continuing. As in the past, they draw inspiration from all the movies and the old Kenner line. Why I don't have more of these, I will never know. But, if you are looking for a way to thank me for this site, well, you know what to do! In all seriousness, these are amazing. Some, like the red Alien Queen (left) are out already, but others are coming soon. 


 I am not an Alien 3 fan, at all, but goddamn these figures (above) are sweet as hell!

Ah, Contra, one of my favorite, if not in fact, my actual favorite NES game. It's getting it's own figures, and they kick all kinds of ass! They also bring back memories of a game I beat (with the cheat code, but so what?!)!


The bat gremlin from Gremlins 2: The New Batch!! This just rules!!
Finally, I LOVE these plush dolls from Kidrobot. I am a sucker for horror shit being made cute as hell!
 The Alien dolls are too much awesome cuteness! I actually own an exclusive LootCrate variant of the Facehugger (not shown above).
 As if Gizmo wasn't already cute enough!
 You're terminated, with cuteness, fucker!


Unknown said...

Excellent coverage, Gio! I dig the Alien toys.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Thank you, bro! Glad you liked it. The alien figures are great!