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AVN Expo 2016 Sat, Part 4: The Final Chapter

Let's begin this, the final part of my extensive coverage of the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) 2016, with a visit to my friend, the lovely Lucky Starr. It was good to get to catch her on the final day, as I would not have wanted to miss her completely. Lucky is not only a total babe, but she is always so sweet. It's amazing to think that I first met her on my very first trip to AEE back in 2011. Anyway, we chatted for a bit, and BAS Photography got to shoot some very sexy, naughty, and fun pics of her.

Speaking of awesome people we got to catch before leaving, we saw the beautiful and totally kick ass Pouty Pout. I totally loved the sexy and revealing little outfit with pot leaves on it, that she was wearing, on this day. With that being said, we had to get more pics of her!
We visited the ArchAngel booth soon after. As always, this is a booth were many of my favorites are always signing at. It also might be THE most bootilicous booth at this Expo! Don't believe me? Just look on!
This was also chance for me to catch up with another girl, that I have known for quite some time from me covering these shows: Jada Stevens. Jada is just so beautiful, and I just cannot get enough of how gorgeous she looks with short. She still might have my favorite ass, in the entire fucking world. And, I do not just mean the porn world!

I also went up to another one of the best butts in the world, blonde beauty AJ Applegate! AJ was posing on a throne, like the queen that she is. She is absolutely gorgeous, especially in person, with a great mix of a cute smile, sexy and hot as fuck body, gorgeous, big, blue eyes, and a truly beautiful face. On top of that, she is also very friendly and seemed to be happy meeting all her fans, of which there were many. In fact, ArchAngel always had a large crowd of fans around it. This is part of the reason we waited till Sat. to hit it. But, with babes with asses like these, how can they not draw huge crowds?!


Signing next to their booth was one of my favorite blonde MILFs: the beautiful and cool as fucking hell Brandi Love! Brandi is always a blast to go up to, and this time was no different. Ratt's classic track "Round and Round" was playing, in the background, and we both got into it. She rose her arms and swung her long, sexy blonde hair, while I banged my head and sang along to the lyrics.
Speaking of MILFs, another one of the best in the biz, has to be the breathtakingly gorgeous Syren De Mer. We got to snap some pics of this beauty, as well. On this day, she was, quite literally, a sexy kitty. Meow, indeed!
And, now to end this final part of my 2016 AEE coverage let's have some random hotness from the last couple of hours of the final day of the Expo!
Is there a better way to end this than a hot chick with a donkey mascot? I think not! This might be the end of my very long and exhaustive AEE 2016 (be to look in the Adult section for all of it!), but be sure to keep your eyes open for some stuff from the 2016 AVN Red Carpet.

I do not know when that will be up, especially since I am currently going through a very difficult time thanks to the loss of my little doggy, Topacio (AKA Topi, for short). It's left me heavyhearted and broken. Sorry for ending on a downer, but it is the honest to God truth. And, I just don't like bullshiting any of you, my loyal readers and followers. Regardless, hopefully we will be back for this Expo next Jan! Until then keep following me here and on all my social media (links to them in the lower, left hand spine of this site).

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 All photography by BAS Photography & Design.