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Toy Fair 2016: Mezco Toyz

Let's continue my trip through my favorite booths to at Toy Fair with Mezco Toyz. They have some really awesome product lined up for 2016. So, let us start with some Marvel Comics stuff.

At the top you have two characters who are red hot right now (as well as being two of my personal favorite superheroes): Captain America and the Punisher. Their popularity is thanks to, at least in part to, the upcoming Captain America: Civil War and the currently on Netflix Daredevil season 2, respectively.

Dear God, I NEED the Punisher figures!

But, they ain't the only Marvel figures. To coincide with the aforementioned phenomenal Daredevil series we get some motherfucking Matt Murdock (left)! Three different versions of "the Devil of Hell's Kitchen", how fucking cool is that?!

DC fans do not despair, Mezco has you covered, too. You guys will be getting comic-book accurate depictions of the Reverse Flash, the Green Arrow, the Flash, and Superman (right). Fans looking for stuff from the recently released Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be pleased, too (below). Said movie maybe as uneven as fuck, but the figures kick super ass.


But, to me, the thing I like to see the most at this booth is, of course, the horror toys. And, they got a whole bunch of cool ones coming out! franchises include: Universal Classic Monsters, Hellraiser, and Child's Play. They are all too freaking cool!! My pocket will cry when these hit the shelves!

 Hmm, do you guys think that I should walk around that Chucky mask?
The cute Pinhead above isn't the only Hellraiser toy. Mezco is going all out for fans of the beloved and bloody franchise, especially for lovers of its' lead antagonist and Cenobite leader, Pinhead. Just look at the following toys. They are all amazing!

Here are a couple of more toys that really caught my eye at their booth:
 Fans of classic toon Gigantor rejoice! Look at what they got for you!
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