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Horror Crush: Agnes Bruckner

It's time for another Horror Crush, and this time I am going with someone a little more recent than I sometimes end up doing: yummy, blonde beauty Agnes Bruckner. What's cool is that this stunning actress has done even more horror movies than I had originally realized!
Agnes was born in Hollywood, Cali. on Aug. 16, 1985. Her father is Hungarian, while her mom is Russian. She began her career as a child doing modeling, beauty pageants, and commercials. While, she starred in a few thrillers like the lame The Glass House, she wouldn't get to star in her first true horror movie until 2005's Venom
Venom is an entertaining, though flawed slasher/ voodoo movie. In it, a creepy, redneck trucker gets possessed and bought back to life by evil spirits. Agnes is our final girl, and does a very good job as it. She is tough, pretty, and very likable making it easy to cheer her on. This is helped by her solid performance. Along with the killer himself, they make two of the movie's major highlights. In all, the movie may suffer from being kinda by the numbers, but the mixing for voodoo and stalk and slash does give it a bit of a different feel. There is some nice shots, but they are marred by annoying editing or shaky cam. Still, overall this one is worth a look and kinda underrated. And, of course, Bruckner is super delicious. Seriously, her curves are fucking dangerous to look at!
In 2006, Bruckner appeared in Lucky McKee's The Woods. This tale of an all-girl school surrounded by woods and hides some scary and dark secrets. Despite having a great cast, including Bruce Campbell, Patrica Clarkson, and the beautiful Rachel Nicols (perhaps she needs to be a horror crush mention one of these days?), and, of course, the film-making talent of McKee, this one is pretty weak. I am a huge fan of his movies, but this is his worst film and big disappointment for me. Still, Bruckner is great in her role. The short, red-hair gives her a cute, innocent, young look fitting for her role.
2007 saw her appearing in horror/ romance/ fantasy/ werewolf flick, Blood and Chocolate. Based on the young adult novel of the same name, this one was a box office bomb. And, it's easy to see why; as it's pretty fuckin bad. Incredibly cheesy and forced this a truly awful, PG-13 (of course!) turd. I will say this about it; it was made before the tween novel being turned into movies was a thing, and it's better than any Twilight movie and has more horror elements in it. It still sucks, though.
2008 had her appear in the straight-to-video prequel Vacany 2: The First Cut. She plays Jessica and along with her boyfriend and friend check into the hotel where the bad shit from the first movie will occur in three years. I have to be honest, I remember close to nothing about it. But, I do recall liking it. And, liking that Bruckner was in it. This is easily her best movie since, Venom.
In 2009, she appeared in Kill Theory. I never seen or even heard about this one. Any of you ever seen it?
She wouldn't return to horror until 2012, when she starred in The Pact. This is another one I never seen. But, at least I heard the name mentioned before. Any thoughts from you guys on this one?
I've never watched, but been curious about A&E supernatural series The Returned. It is worth mentioning that it does mark her return to the genre. It debuted in 2015, and in it, she plays Deputy Nikki Banks. I don't much more about her role, but she clearly looks good in a uniform!
I am a big fan of the beautiful Agnes Bruckner, and it is awesome that she has done so much horror work. Sure, the material wasn't always the best, but her acting was always solid. And, of course, she always looked beautiful. With her blonde hair, breathtaking, gorgeous green eyes, sexy curves, gorgeous face, and full lips, she is true horror goddess. I love that her looks scream sex, yet there is a girl-next-door appeal to her. All of this adds to a true horror crush and heartbreaker!