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AVN Expo 2016 Sat: Part 3: Raven Rocket, Alexa Nova, Alison Tyler, and More Babes!

As you loyal readers may recall we interviewed our friend Raven Rocket on Friday, at this year's Adult Entertainment Expo. The following day, we stopped by to say hi and chat a little. It also gave my photographer, BAS Photography, the chance to shoot some more pics of this beautiful, kick ass, and awesome babe.

This was my first seeing and meeting Alexa Nova, but holy crap is she ever gorgeous and sexy, as fucking hell! I loved the outfit she was wearing. She is a natural posing for the camera and has such a sexy look in her eyes, that it could make anyone melt!


Alison Tyler was on my list, of I have to fucking meet this year at AEE. Especially after having seen her play an awesome Wonder Woman in Batman V. Superman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody. In person, Tyler is absolutely breathtaking. I think she is perfect and one of the most beautiful women you'll find anywhere, be it porn or otherwise. She was friendly and talkative as, I mentioned that, to me, she is a hotter Wonder Woman than Gal Gadot (for anyone who cares the lovely Ms. Gadot does a fine job in the mainstream movie, so don't throw a temper tantrum in the comments section). As a comic-book fan, I ended up buying an awesome T-shirt of Alison as Wonder Woman off of her.

At the right you will see that we caught this cute Asian female fan meeting these two beautiful girls in the form of; Amara Romani (the gorgeous brunette) and Tiffany Watson (the delicious blonde). Upon seeing them, I felt that I needed to get a pic with them myself! If I seem happy to you, it's cause well, of course I fucking was. These two girls were hot as hell and super sexy, so wouldn't you be happy if it was you meeting them?

See the things I do for you guys? It's hard work keeping this site running at the level of excellence that I maintain it at!
To be concluded!

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 All photography by BAS Photography & Design and myself.