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The 10 Hottest Babes of GAME OF THRONES

One of my favorite shows of all time comes back with a new season tonight: Game of Thrones! I really loved last season, so I am, of course excited to see what will happen tonight and beyond. The show is the definitive fantasy series of all time, I think. One of the many appealing aspects of it, is its' abundance of beautiful women. Upon making this list, I was reminded just how many there have been! So, of course it wasn't easy to make, but it sure was fun! So, get ready for tonight's episode by checking out the 10 hottest babes to ever appear on Game of Thrones!
WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD (so don't bitch!)

10. Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey)- Let's begin the list with who is arguably the cruelest and biggest bitch on my list, blonde baddie Cersei. While, her incestuous affections for her brother Jamie are pretty gross, and she is pretty easy to hate, it doesn't stop her from being gorgeous. She certainly a MILF and an evil one at that. Her character did get fully nude last season for her walk of shame but sadly we got a body double. That being said Lena Headey's body double had an awesome figure!
9. Gilly (Hannah Murray)- This Wildling babe is sweet and beautiful as portrayed by the lovely Hannah Murray. She also serves as a love interest for Sam who protects her and her child. It's actually one of the sweetest relationships on this show. Gilly is frequently in lots of layers, but Murray is such a gorgeous woman, that she would look good in a potato sack.
8. Myranda (Charlotte Hope)- From one of the sweetest characters to one of the meanest bitches, Myranda is the lover of Ramsay Bolton. He is an awful human being so it takes an terrible person to love him. Myranda more than takes up that mantle. But, she's played by the absolutely beautiful Charlotte Hope, so I find it hard to fully hate her.
7. Shaye (Sibell Kekilli)- Shaye was a hooker that Tyrion fell in love with. Their relationship was, at one point, my favorite on the show, as I genuinely loved both characters. Unfortunately, she turned on Tyrion and got her just deserts. Regardless, of how much I went from loving Shaye to outright hating her, and I really began to hate her. Still, there is no denying her extraordinary beauty, especially As played by French stunner Kekilli. Earlier in her career, Kekilli worked in porn flicks(!), so she is perfect for this website. Anyway, she simply drips sex and looks AMAZING nude. Also, that accent is fucking hot as hell!
6. Doreah (Roxanne McKee)- The hottest handmaiden of Daenerys, she is a former whore (yeah, this is a very popular form of work in the world of GoT!). Early on in the show, she gives Daenerys advice on how to pleasure her husband. She is extremely sexy and McKay is just a vision of beauty. I had forgotten just how beautiful she was, being she died in season two, but in revisiting the first season, I fell in love all over again with her!
5. Daenerys Taragaryn (Emilia Clarke)- My second favorite character in the entire series, Daenarys, the Mother of Dragons is a fucking badass. She is a good person, but you don't wanna get on her bad side. Clarke is breathtaking and the perfect person to be cast in this role. She has gotten nude quite a few times (thank God for that!), and she has those fucking dragons! The imagine of her riding off of on Drogon last season is one of the highlights of the entire season.
4. Melisandre (Carice van Houten)- Being a bad girl is really hot. Being redhead is hot. Being into witchy stuff can be hot. So we combine all these three factors and you get The Red Woman, AKA Melisandre, who is hot as fuck and beyond! Seriously, this witch is portrayed by such a gorgeous actress in van Houten. Her dark powers only add to the evil sexiness that she has. This follower of the god of light is every bit as hot as the god she worships. Bewitching, indeed!
3. Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner)- Sansa has been through some pretty bad shit. She's seen her dad's head get lopped off, she has been married to two awful human beings, and just overall, not had a pleasant time. I certainly hope things turn better for her this season. As played by beautiful redhead Sophie Turner it is easy to see how she has so many fall for her. Turner is older than the actual character of Sansa is in the books. And, thank freaking God for that. Cause otherwise, she wouldn't have made this list.
2. Ygritte (Rose Leslie)- Redhead (yeah, I love redheads!) Wildling, Ygritte was both tough and sexy. I genuinely loved her relationship with Jon Snow. She was the first to give us one of the most beloved lines of all time on this series: "You know nothing Jon Snow!" She also got frequently nude. Yay! Honestly, when she finally died I was pretty damn saddened, but her character will always rank as one of my favorites on the show. And, as played by Leslie she without a shadow of doubt, the silver medal winner of the series.
1. Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer)- This smart little vixen had to be our gold medal winner. Played by the impossibly beautiful Dormer, Margaery is a sexy and seductive lady. She is also a wonderfully complex and fascinating character. Those beautiful blue eyes! That body! That accent! That flawless face! It's just too much! Yes, this show is filled to the brim with goddesses, but from the moment she stepped onscreen, she won our hearts. And, apparently other hearts, too. Our number 10 may hate her, but we all love her!