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One-Eyed Doll at Webster Hall 4/5/16

On April 5, 2016, I was present at the One-Eyed Doll show at Webster Hall in NYC to cover it as press. This was yet another amazing show from one of the most fun live bands that you will ever experience. Along the ride were some other very awesome bands adding to the fun of night.
Over at the One-Eyed Doll merch booth, the lovely Melinda was taking care of business. We actually met her when I was covering the band, at the exact same venue back in Oct. of last year. Melinda is a really cutie and a total sweetheart. She was drawing a freaking Snork on a fan's t-shirt! Below, you'll see her showing her fun and super cool bit of art.

The first band that I got to catch was Open Your Eyes. This alt-rock band from Chicago have a really good sound to them with some awesomely catchy hooks, while still managing to throw in some good heavy riffs and sounds.  Their vocalist and lead guitarist Justin King has a good voice with an almost pop punk like sensibility to it. On stage, they are always moving around, headbanging, and just rocking out. It proved to be fun and energetic set.

Next up was one of my favorite bands in the world: Eyes Set to Kill. This marks the fourth time that I have seen them live! Which means that they are my most seen live band. And, I am very happy with that. As always the band played a great set, including a couple of songs off of their last album, Masks, like "Little Liar", "Infected", and a some older tunes, as well. They also played some really awesome and kick ass new songs, including the rocking and immediately catchy "Guilty Pleasure". ESTK always give their all in their live performances. They are really so talented and deserve to be bigger than they are. I never blow smoke up anyone's asses, so if I state this, it is cause it's the honest to God fucking truth.

For the last song of their set, the aforementioned "Infected", lovely lead signer and guitarist Alexia Rodriguez, put down the guitar and just took to the mic. It was a pretty cool little moment and a nice way to end a spectacular set.

As always, ESTK are very fan friendly and after their set was done, they headed to their merch table to meet and greet fans. Every band member is so sweet and down to earth, that it is always a pleasure to go up to them.
 The gorgeous Anissa Reyes
Drummer and all around cool dude Caleb

Soon it was time for the headliners, One-Eyed Doll. I absolutely love this band! They are just such an impossibly fun act to catch live. From the opening track to the last, they just kicked ass! Kimberly Freeman is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but she's really one of the best front-women in all of rock. Her interaction with the crowd is priceless.
At one point, early on in the set, she got off the stage and went into the crowd (right). We, of course, went wild for her. She really fucking shreds on guitar, while Jason pounds away on drums. At one point they were joined by a second guitarist for a couple of ass kicking songs. On this night, they played various songs from their discography, including classics like the slow and crunching "Fight", the fun as hell "Nudie Bar", and the classic "Be My Friend". Of course, they also played songs from their most recent release Witches, which might just be my favorite album of theirs. Those songs included the fucking awesome "Black in the Rye" and "More Weight".
Adding to the fun is Kimberly's use of props and various headgear. After the show was done; they immediately headed over to their merch table to meet and greet fans with much gratitude and humility. Quite frankly, there is no band like OED. I had an amazing time at this show. And, I implore you catch them live and experience them for yourself. And, if you have, then you need to do so again. Once is never enough with One-Eyed Doll!