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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2015, pt. 7: 10-1

10. Tatiana Maslany (last year same)- Orphan Black continues to be one of the best damn sci-fi shows on TV, and the beautiful Ms. Maslany one of the finest actresses on all of TV. In fact, considering how many roles she plays on the show, and how great she is, she might just be THE best actress on TV. The new clone that they introduced that she plays, blonde Krystal is especially yummy!

9. Asa Akira (last year #1)- After holding the top spot for four years (a record!), Asa remains in the top ten. She continued to be one of the best and hottest contract girls, thanks to her work for Wicked Pictures. And, yet she remains one of the nicest girls in the biz.

8. Melissa Benoist (new)- The highest ranking new entry this year, Supergirl's title star is a truly captivating beauty. She reallyu captures Supergirl and brings her physically and emotionally to life perfectly. Whether in or out of the iconic costume, Benoist looks amazing. But, she has the talent to back it up, being able to kick ass and give the right emotional depth to the character. At only 27 years of age and the popularity of the show the sky is the limit (pun intended) for this blonde beauty.

7. Deborah Ann Wohl (last year #9)- Thanks to the amazing Marvel/ Netflix series Daredevil, we didn't have to lament the former True Blood beauty being away from our TV sets for long. If anything, it introduced this now blonde goddess to a legion of new fans. And, her solid acting as Karen Page solidifies her position as one the best actresses on genre related TV shows.

6. Vera Farmiga (last year #7)- The beautiful Ms. Farmiga is, in my humble opinion, the most gorgeous MILF on all of TV land. And, this season in the awesome Bates Motel, she proved that she is holding on to that title and not letting it go anytime soon. Her beauty is so intense that it sometimes distracts me from the show's excellent script. Thank God for her amazing acting ability which draws me right back in and insures her ever rising spot on this list.

5. Dani Daniels (last year #6)- The beautiful Dani Daniels moves up a spot to become the highest ranking adult star still working in the biz on the list this year. And, with good reason. She is unquestionably one of the hottest and most popular adult performers in porn today. Her personality helps, too, as I consider her to have one of THE best Twitter (which you can follow if you click on her name in this post) accounts to follow, porn or not. Enough so that she won the AVN award for Social Media Star, an award chosen by her loving fans. And, then of course, there is her stunning and natural beauty. Seriously, Dani is one of the most beautiful women, ever to live on the Earth.

4. Tera Patrick (last year same)- Tera remains as beloved by her fans, as ever. This year, I got to see her at the Adult Entertainment Expo, where she was seated at the Red Light Center booth. There I learned that the 3D game had an animated version of Tera herself in the game. My subsequent write up and pics became one of my most popular posts of this year.

3. Jennifer Lawrence (last year same)- J. Law remains one of the most beautiful and talented stars in Hollywood, today. She continues to draw in huge fan and critical acclaim, in both dramas like Joy and mainstream action/ sci-fi blockbusters like the final entry in the Hunger Games series: Mockingjay Part 2. Even in that good but uneven movie's lesser moments, she continued to shine.

2.  Jen & Sylvia Soska (last year same)- Holding in at the silver medal are horror's most beloved sisters, the beautiful and ubber-talented Soska twins. This year saw them having their entertaining and ultra-violent revenge/ prison flick Vendetta released, their second with WWE Studios. Their first TV show, the wild and creepy game show Hellevator saw their popularity extend even further. It has developed a rabid following from fans who just love tweeting about it along with the Canadian beauties live during its air time. Currently, they are working on their own feature Puppet Killer. It will be fascinating to see what spin they have on the killer doll sub-genre.

1. Ash Costello (last year #8)- And, now our new #1, the first ever musician to rank in at the top spot, it's the beautiful Ash Costello of rockers New Years Day. Costello seems to get more and more beautiful each day. This year saw her band releasing their best work yet in the form of the ass kicker, Malevolence. The subsequent tour saw them play some kick shows, including the one where I got to see them perform. At said show, I also had the complete and utter pleasure of meeting her. She is so awesome in person! And, it is very clear that she is one of the most beloved front women in rock and metal, today. It is for those reasons, that this Gothic beauty takes the top spot for 2015's hottest babes!

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