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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2015, pt. 1: 70-61

It's that time, again, when I pick the 70 most beautiful women of the year. As always this is a process that I work on from the very first days of the year all the way till the last few of Nov. With my site getting a new and improved look, as well as more streamlined coverage, this list will, from here on in, coincide with that. I am eliminating the more random girls that sometimes appeared here. With that in mind to be considered, she needs to have done something that falls under one of the four major categories of this site (horror, adult, geek, or music) to be considered. As always looks only play a part in their ranking here. It also depends on what they did this year, impact they had, success, influence in their field, etc. I always want to point out ahead of time, there is a new number 1.  Anyway, I won't waste your time anymore. Let the babe countdown begin!

70. Daisy Ridley (new)- This British stunner is already getting a huge fan following and her film, arguably the most anticipated one of the year, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is not even out yet (but will be later this month!). I think she will be the breakout star of this film, where she will play the character of Rey. Whatever the case maybe, she is a total cutie. And, I am already crushing on her, even though, I had never even heard of her before this!

69. Paige (last year #67)- It's hard for me to care about a single thing that happens in wrestling these days. That being said, I did get to meet Paige, along with then teammates Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, a day before Summerslam in Brooklyn back in Aug. There is no denying that this goth/ rocker babe is absolutely gorgeous and a great wrestler, even if I could care less about storylines or feuds that she is involved with. Also, it should be noted that she is the second Brit hottie, in a row, to be ranked on this year's list! What can I say, a beautiful British chick is extra fucking hot!

68. Ronda Rousey (last year #56)- This year the MMA fighter was in Furious 7 and Entourage (any of you even see that shit?!). She also appeared at WrestleMania. She was on a continued hot streak, and then she lost in Oct. Only time will tell where she will go from there and where she will rank next year.    

67. Vicky Psarakis (new)- The current signer of metal group The Agonist has had one hell of debut album with them in the form of The Eye of Providence. I think that it is their best album, yet, and one of my personal favorite albums of the year, overall. She really kicks major ass onstage and is a sweetheart in person, which I saw for myself, when I saw the band earlier this year.

66. Veruca James (new)- One of the industry's most naturally beautiful women, Veruca James is a personal favorite. With her beautiful, fair complexion, stunning eyes, and amazing body, she is destined to break hearts. Her performances are always scorchers, but on top of that she is very sweet and down to earth in person. It is simply impossible not to love her!


65. Brooklyn Chase (new)- This busty and stunning brunette gave me what might have been my most popular interview earlier this year, at the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE). She was certainly a pleasure to talk to, and with her truly amazing body, awe-inspiring beauty, wondrous boobs, and those beautiful eyes of hers, it's easy to see why she has such a large fan following. The extremely hot porn scenes help, too, of course!

64. Briana Evigan (new)- I must admit I was very apathetic towards much of this second season of From Dusk Till Dawn, enough so that last couple of episodes are STILL unwatched on my DVR. However, I felt only love for the beautiful Briana Evigan, my favorite babe on the show. I been a fan of her since slasher and sort of remake Sorority Row and am glad to see her on a horror TV show!

63. The Harp Twins- Camille and Kennerly Kitt (new)- Not too many sisters make into this list together, but here is another one to add to that VERY small list. The Harp Twins are flawlessly beautiful, blonde, and blue-eyed. But, beyond that they are EXTREMELY and awe inspiring in their level of talent. They have covered many songs on the harp, including metal and geek soundtracks. This year along they gave us Megadeth and Star Wars, among others. I am a HUGE fan of theirs, and I hope their success and fame continues to grow!

62. Katie Cassidy (last year ranked 2012 #20)- Katie has long been one of my favorites, but her character of Laurel on Arrow is a pretty damn stupid one, sometimes head scratchingly so. However, there are times that she has been less annoying this year, well only a few times... But, Cassidy is a stunner and she does look good in that Black Canary outfit. So, let's all welcome here back on the list! Also, at least, her character doesn't cry in every other scene, unlike another hot blonde on said CW/ DC comics superhero show...

61. Romi Rain (new)- The last new entry in this first part of my yearly list is taken by this gorgeous and busty Italian/ American honey. Hailing from Boston, Romi is one of the best girls currently scorching the porn world. In a short period of time she has risen up the ranks and become a HUGE fan favorite. I absolutely love every curve of this beauty, and as such she can only rise up on my list next year, if she stays on this path!