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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2015, pt. 6: 20-11

20. Jillian Janson (new)- One of the hottest continuously rising stars in the adult the naturally beautiful Jillian Janson is just awesome. Her blistering performances and stunning good looks have gained her a deservedly huge fan following, as well as industry acclaim. Her bubbly and sweet personality finishes sealing the deal. Take it from me, who had the pleasure of interviewing her this past AEE (one of my most popular posts of this year, by the way!), this girl is one of the sweetest and most awesome girls (in any industry) I've ever had the pleasure of having on camera.


19. Haley Atwell (new)- The gorgeous and naturally voluptuous Ms. Atwell stars as the title character of Agent Carter. Said show is the best Marvel TV series on network. She is also one of the finest female characters in all of TV land. Smart, sassy, sexy, and ass kicking, I found myself completely in love with her. Personally speaking, I cannot wait for the show to return next year!


18. Eva Green (last year #24)- One of the most beautiful women in the world, is also one it's most talented actresses. She continued to amaze this year. In particular, it's her role in the phenomenal Penny Dreadful that had me and everyone signing her praises, as well as continuing to be fascinated by her exquisite beauty.

17. Catherine Corcoran (last year #16)- The beautiful and all around awesome and sweet Corcoran provided me with a great interview at this year's New York Comic Con. I, and I am sure many of you agree with me on this, cannot wait to see Return to Nuke 'Em High Vol. 2 finally get released next year!


16. Tamzin Merchant (new)- Playing Anne Hale one of my favorite, if not in fact my actual favorite character, on horror series Salem, Merchant is just great in her complex role. She also looks utterly stunning. Although there are many lovely ladies on this show, I think she is the most beautiful one. This redhead has us under her spell, for sure! She does play a witch on the show after all!


15. Zoie Palmer (last year #14)- It really sucks that we won't be getting another season of Lost Girl, but Palmer seemed to become even more gorgeous this year. As if that was even possible! She also remained excellent in her role. Her relationship with lead character Bo is complex and sexy as fuck.

14. Anna Silk (last year #13)- The lost girl of Lost Girl, Silk is one of the most breathtaking stunners in the history of TV, be it a genre show or not. Those curves combine with her character's Bo's attitude to make for a dream come true.

13. Carter Cruise (new)- I am gonna say it right now: Carter Cruise is one THE very best girls in THE entire porn world. In fact, if I was to say that she is fucking awesome, I would be underselling her. There are not enough words in the English dictionary for me to give her praise. And, it's not just her hot porn scenes (which will make you go through a million tissue boxes) or her natural good looks that confirm this. Nope. It's also that she has one of THE best Twitters in the entire world (not just the fucking porn world). Want proof? Her Twitter link is in her name, click on it and start following her already! Plus, she loves pizza. Honestly, I could probably write a whole article speaking about how awesome this blonde babe is. So let's just end this one here.
12. Amanda Schull (new)- Playing the role of Dr. Cassandra Rally on the amazing 12 Monkeys series, Schull is truly one of the most beautiful women to ever be on TV. And, I do mean ever. What's most captivating is that as flawless as she is, it sometimes feels like she isn't even trying. It's just that she is this stunningly beautiful by virtue of nature, itself. Her character is probably my favorite on the show, and her acting in it is simply amazing.


11. Katharine Isabelle (last year same)- 88 was one of the coolest indie thrillers that I have seen this year. As always, Isabelle's acting in was top notch. Equally excellent was her turn in this the final season of the phenomenal Hannibal series. Throughout her work she remains as incredibly beautiful as ever. It is with good reason that Isabelle is one of my personal favorite actresses.


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