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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2015, pt. 2: 60-51

60. Rose McIver (new)- The beautiful lead star of CW's phenomenal iZombie is amazing in her role. By taking the personality of the brain she eats she takes on that personality, allowing her to play various roles within,and on top of, her actual role of Liv the zombie. She is also absolutely beautiful. Seriously, I would totally be OK with dating a zombie if she looked like McIver!

59. Billie Lourd (new)- The daughter of Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia, herself, has inherited her mom's stunning good looks. Billie Lourd is an absolute stunner and really stands out in a horror/ comedy series that is filled with beautiful girls. But, she also has the acting chops to match her beauty. Another thing that plays to her advantage is that she plays the best character, by far, from the show. In fact, I can tell you that she is a huge reason why I haven't dropped this uneven series from my weekly viewing habits.

58. Carrie Coon (last year #61)- Week in and week out the breathtaking beauty that is Carrie Coon gives flat out incredible performances on one of the best acted shows on all of TV, The Leftovers. Her character is filled with depth and emotion, and her immense talent is perfect for the task of playing her. I look forward to this amazing show every Sunday. Staying in awe of her beauty and admiring her huge talent seems, to me, to be extra bonuses.

57. Lelu Love (last year #58)- One of the best porn girls on the web Lelu Love is natural beauty personified. She is also hot and sexy as fucking hell. Her interaction with her fans is the very definition of knowing how to promote oneself the right way on social media. And, her porn scenes are guaranteed to make you buy a lot of tissues. Stock up before you visit her site!

56. Alexandra Daddario (last year 40)- The impossibly perfect Ms. Daddario could be seen this year in San Andreas, which I truthfully had no interest in seeing, and Joe Dante's Burying the Ex. The later is the best horror comedy that I have seen so far this year, and had her playing a horror fan. A horror fan that looks like her is seriously what is missing from my life!

55. Caity Lotz (last year #38)- Her character of Sara Lance, AKA the original Black Canary, died last season and got bought back to life this season. So, we really didn't see enough of the beautiful Caity Lotz and her amazing curves this year (question can we ever truly see enough?). Thank God, then that she comes back full time next year in DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Seriously, one can never enough Lotz in their life!!!

54. Emily Hampshire (new)- The biggest surprise this year on TV might be the phenomenal 12 Monkeys series on SyFy. In the supporting role of Jennifer Goines, Emily Hampshire truly shines. She is one of the most interesting, fun, and wildly unpredictable characters on the series. Hampshire, herself, is excellent in the complex role. And, she is absolutely gorgeous. Oh and I want to mention that her smile, alone, is enough to melt hearts!

53. Jackie Moore (new)- Starring in the awesomely enjoyable Pernicious, beautiful blonde Jackie Moore pulled in an excellent performance. She is also quite active on social media, making her pleasure to follow and interact with.

52. Ciara Hanna (new)- Another stunner from the above mentioned Pernicious, Ciara Hanna is just breathtaking. But, she is not just another pretty blonde, as she is excellent in her role. I would imagine that anyone who sees her in that movie or anything else she has done would fall in love with her immediately. And, those eyes! Oh my God, they could melt the polar ice caps! Which come to think of it would be kind of a bad thing. So keep her away from the North Pole, for the love of Santa Claus! Or Krampus, if you prefer.

51. Missy Peregyrm (new)- One of my favorite performances in a horror film this year came from the beautiful Missy Peregyrm and her lead role in nerve and flesh-shredding killer bear flick Backcountry. One of the year's most truly intense and most pleasant surprises this movie is elevated due to talent in front of and behind the camera. Peregyrm, a long time favorite of mine since her role in Stick It, adds pathos and looks freaking gorgeous. I am not one to ever go to the woods, but I wouldn't complain if I had to go into the woods accompanied by the lovely Ms. Peregyrm. So long as there are no killer bears. That part would probably suck.

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