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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2015, pt. 3: 50-41

50. Shantel VanSanten (new)- Love interests for title characters in the DC TV universe, usually suck. So, thank the TV comic gods for the beautiful VanSanten's Patty Spivot on The Flash. Not only is fucking gorgeous, but her character is spunky and likable. It adds to her cuteness and overall charm. Never is she annoying, stupid, or whiny. Which is more than I can say for The Flash (or should I say his secret identity, Barry Allen)'s former love interest, Iris or Felicity and Laurel for the Arrow.

49. Felicia Day (new)- The lovely Ms. Day played one of the best, if not, in fact, THE best female characters ever on Supernatural in the form of lesbian geek Charlie. So, it was heartbreaking when her character got brutally killed last season. Day, though, released a highly entertaining autobiography this year in the form of You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost). I have been reading and loving it, since I met and bought it off of her at NYCC, back in Oct. In person, she is so sweet and even more cute. The later of which is pretty hard to believe, but trust me it is the truth!

48. Danielle Panabaker (last year #44)- The former horror actress turned The Flash cast member continues to break geek hearts. She is so likable, adorable and, of course, beautiful as Caitlin Snow! Plus, she finally has a new love interest, which only makes her character come off as even more cute on the show.

47. Elizabeth Olsen (new)- The hottest and most talented, in my humble opinion, Olsen sister, Elizabeth really hit it big and looked hot as fuck (red hair looks KILLER on her) as the Scarlet Witch in this summer's blockbuster superhero flick The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

46. Ashley Greene (last year ranked 2012 #59)- After a three year hiatus the gorgeous Ms. Greene returns to our list thanks to her role as bitchy but beautiful zombie Evelyn. She looked incredible as a blonde in it (but then it is impossible for her to not look amazing) it it. So, I was crushing hard watching in the movie (she really gives a fun and lively performance in it, by the way), that I thought, hmm, maybe I could look over the whole being a bitch and flesh eating zombie thing, if I was the dude in the movie... 


45. Olivia Wilde (new)- While The Lazarus Effect was not a particularly good movie, the absolutely stunning Ms. Wilde shined as the scientist turned psychic member of the living dead (by the way between Rose McIver in iZombie, the aforementioned Greene, and, now Wilde this is the year of the hottie zombie it seems, especially on this list!). Seriously, she is one of THE main reasons to watch that movie. She also drips with outright sexiness from every single pour on her amazing body!

44. Aly Michalka (new)- Speaking of hot zombie babes, Aly is the former roomate and bestie to Liv, the lead character in iZombie. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I was to see her sexy ass return this season, after her character had left last season. She is freaking gorgeous and just awesome in her role. Seriously, I am wildly in love with this woman! Those eyes! Those lips! That bod! Couple with her talent, Michalka just fucking rocks!

43. Ela Darling (new)- One of my favorite interviews that I conducted, not just at the Adult Entertainment Expo, but all year came courtesy of the beautiful Ela Darling. Ela is incredibly intelligent on top of being naturally beautiful. She is also a very devoted geek girl, which makes talking to her an absolute pleasure. Always busy and always awesome, Ela fucking rules!

42. Scarlett Johansson (last year 67)- She kicked ass and hooked up with the Hulk in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, all while being pregnant, in real life. OK, so it was CGI and she was mostly just a floating head onscreen, but it's Scarlett fucking Johansson for the crissakes! Anyways, I really liked her new Black Widow look on top of everything else.

41. Kendra Sunderland (new)- Best known as the Oregon State Library Girl, this tall and beautiful blonde caused quite a stir when she went nude and naughty in a that college library. She quickly caught the eye and attention of many making her a fast rising it girl in the world of adult entertainment. Naturally sexy and beautiful, Kendra is also a very smart and friendly young lady as proven to me when I met and interviewed her at Exxxotica NJ last month. You guys will see what I mean when I post it soon!

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