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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2015, pt. 4: 40-31

40. Cobie Smulders (last year ranked 2013 #39)- The beautiful Ms. Smulders returned to big screen in Avengers: Age of Ultron breaking even more geek hearts. She also revealed herself to be a cancer survivor having let the world know that she had ovarian cancer at the age 25. Brave, beautiful, and talented, Smulders may well be the brightest and loveliest stars in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

39. Chelsea Wolfe (last year #42)- Chelsea Wolf's Abyss is one of the most original and ambitious albums of the year. Mixing folk, goth, industrial, and black metal influences, the blue-eyed and endlessly talented beauty continues to amaze her ever growing fan base. The opening track and first single, "Carrion Flowers" is one of the best singles released this entire year. And, watching the beauty perform or seeing her in interviews will only make one fall even deeper in the abyss of admiration and love for her.

38. Willa Holland (last year #39)- Arrow is filled with beautiful women, but Holland continues to shine even among the goddesses that show employs. Her character, Thea/ Speedy, has become, easily, the best regular female character. Her whole bloodlust after going into the Lazarus Pit storyline has made her even more of a badass. Just don't make the mistake of pissing Thea off!

37. Heather Sossaman (new)- In the excellent Unfriended, Sossman played Laura, the character who commits suicide after being embarrassed online. The gorgeous Sossaman managed to give move us with pathos thanks to her excellent portrayal and a solid script. With beauty to match her acting prowess, I see a very bright future for Sossaman. And, appearing in a major and memorable role in one the year's finest horror films certainly backs up that claim and her position on this list.

36. Diamante (new)- Blonde. Beautiful. Badass. Sexy. Talented. Hard-rocking. These are just some of the words, one can describe this ass kicking beauty with. Her EP Dirty Blonde is one of this year's catchiest releases in all of hard rock. She is also a forced to be reckoned with online, posting sexy pics, live performance videos, and, kick ass and sexy music videos. And, considering just how young she, I predict big thing for her. The sky is the limit!

35. Jaimie Alexander (new)- Starring in the best new network show, Blindspot, Alexander plays the tough, badass, and tattooed covered Jane Doe. Doe is trying to figure out who she is and what she did before her memory loss. Meanwhile, we are transfixed watching her and the show which is action packed and well written. Alexander is perfect in the role, and while her tats are fake, she is nonetheless a perfect object of desire for those of us who like their woman inked, ass kicking, and gorgeous!

34. Kimberly Freeman (new)- As beautiful as she is talented, One-Eyed Doll's Kimberly Freeman is one of rock's most beloved ladies. Her fan base is extremely loyal. Just listen to their latest album, this year's Witches. It's an exciting and rocking piece of alt/ goth punk/ rock that ranks among the best band has done. Or see her band perform live, as I did back in Oct. It was one of the most fun shows that I have been to all year. Then you have the pleasure of meeting her, and it just solidifies it all. It's wonderful just how down-to-earth and sweet she really is. Oh, and breathtakingly beautiful. Seriously, those eyes of hers are some of the prettiest on this planet!

33. Lzzy Hale (last year #49)- Halestorm's latest Into the Wildlife is one of my most often played new albums. Alternately hard and mellow, but just about always catchy, it has, of course, the amazing talent of Ms. Hale at its' forefront. Coupled with an appearance on That Metal Show, Lzzy is truly one of hard rock and metal's greatest and most rightfully respected queens.

32. Rachael Taylor (new)- Playing Trish Walker on the second best new superhero show of the year, Jessica Jones, Australian model/ actress Taylor really shines brightly on this fan and critic beloved show. Taylor's breathtaking, flawless looks are matched only by acting ability. Here is hoping the MCU has more in store for her!

31. Monica Bellucci (new)- At 51, the ever stunning Ms. Bellucci is the oldest woman on this year's list. But, like a fine Italian wine this pisan stunner only get more gorgeous with the passing of time. It's a shame her role was so small in Spectre, but even as such there is no denying this: she is one of the most beautiful Bond women in the entire existence of the franchise!

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