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My Rock Spotlight on: Diamante

Let's try a new and hopefully regular column on here, as I add more hard rock, punk, and metal related coverage. Every once in a while, I would like to do a spotlight on band or artist in hard rock, metal, or punk, that I think you should check out and it deserves your attention. Today, I'm focusing my attention on hard rocking beauty, Diamante.

This talented and beautiful signer from Boston, Mass. who writes her own songs, was by the age of only 17 (she's currently 18), already garnering the following accolades, according to her Facebook page: "Best Rock Record at the Indie Music Channel Awards two years in a row, as well as wins in the categories of, Best Young Rock Artist, Best Rock Recording, Best Music Video for “IMPOSSIBLE,” and the coveted title of Teen Artist of the Year." 
I first time I heard about this talented beauty was via this year's Revolver's Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock issue (currently out in newsstands and bookstores). After reading about her there, I decided to check out her music and like what I heard. It's got an early Pat Benatar feel to it, with riffs to please fans who like there rock catchy but still with some punch to it, as well as with some bad attitude. It's lead by her impressive, beautiful, and sexy vocals. 
What follows are some songs and videos of hers, so you can check out some of her tunes, for yourself. She has a new song that just debuted this week called "Dirty Blonde" that is just sooo fucking good. It's sexy, filled with attitude, and one of my favorite new songs that I have heard this entire month. The song is from her upcoming EP Dirty Blonde, which you can preorder here on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dirty-blonde-ep/id964667524.

If you really wanna hear just how amazingly beautiful her voice is check out her cover of Bon Jovi's hair metal classic, "You Give Love a Bad Name"
And, from 80's pop metal we go to the 90's mainstream rock antithesis of it: grunge, as she covers Nirvana's classic "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
Here are some videos that showcase her own, original music. First off, we have one from last year, it's the very catchy and melodic rocker "Savage". Also, it is very worth mentioning that she looks really sexy and absolutely beautiful in the video.
And, finally we have the hard rocking and totally badass "Bite Your Kiss" which has the feel of a Ratt and Motley Crue with a touch of the bluesier Great White or AC/DC mixed with the sexiness of The Pretty Reckless.

If you want to learn more about Diamante check out the following links of hers:
Official Site: http://www.diamanteofficialmusic.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DIAMANTEband
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/diamanteofficialmusic/

And, be sure to let me know, if you like this column, I already have an artist in mind for the next one.