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NECA at Toy Fair 2015

NOTE: Most of the these toys will be rolling out in spring, summer, or autumn of this year.

NECA has long been one of my favorite toy companies. And, their booth is always one of my favorites to hit up at Toy Fair. This year it was no different as they had a huge amount of toys to please my, and your, love for horror, sci-fi, action, and metal with some of the finest action figures and geeky collectibles you are likely find ANYWHERE!

First off, is their ever growing and truly amazing line of Alien/ Aliens toys. Last year they gave us the stunning Alien Queen, now we are getting more figures from James Cameron's seminal sci-fi/ horror/ action classic.

The best gore scene in Aliens is when the heroic and noble Bishop is ripped in half by the aforementioned Alien Queen. Covered in cyborg "blood" bisected Bishop is bound to please the fans looking for more gooey looking figures in the series.

We will also be getting a Ripley in the powerlifter, so she can battle the Queen, right after her above mentioned friend gets torn in half! You will notice some Alien eggs in the pictures. Well, those are being sold in a six pack, with some open and closed. They will also come with facehuggers. Man, all these pieces will amount to some killer displays by fans!!!

Also coming out is a Ripley from the first film, with her flame thrower so she can BBQ some Xenomorphs!
More figures from the original horror classic are shown above, as well as a Xenomorph based on his appearance in the Alien 3 video game!
Are you one of those horror fans, who like me, said, goddamn I wish I had that Kenner figure that got pulled from stores in the 70's? If so NECA are gonna give you the chance to finally own him! Hell yeah! Just check out the awesome prototype to the left!

If we are gonna get some new Alien toys, then we some new Predator toys, too, right? Well despair not! As follows we are getting some fucking badass toys of the deadly hunter from another world!!! 

To the right you will see Predators that inspired/ based off of the old Kenner line, hence the crazy color schemes. The detail is, of course, amazing on these, and they look like they could hunt and kill ALL your other figures! The packaging, which you can see below, also recalls the old Kenner toys. These rank among some of my most anticipated releases this year!

Inspired by Dark Horse comics comes this beautiful and stunning Predator figure!

Sci-fi fans have even more to rejoice about as they are going to be releasing some truly breathtaking Planet of the Apes toys based on the original series of movies! 
 Eye-patch always equals badass!!!

Fellow Arnold Schwarzenegger fan also have a lot to rejoice about, as you will see with the following two toys. First off we are getting a giant Terminator 2: Judgement Day figure with three exchangeable heads. It is based on the scene in the movie where he blows up a bunch of cop cars with his badass gattling gun.

One of my favorite straight up action movies of the 80s has to be Commando. With a massive body-count and being ridiculously violent, this classic is getting it's own large figure of Arnie's Matrix character in the movie! I should state that the figure to the right is not the final yet. But, regardless it already looks fucking awesome!! I CANNOT wait to see the final product and get it for myself!

DC comic fans will be pleased to know that their also getting large figures as well. First off is a Superman based on the Christopher Reeves version of him (left). There is also a very mean looking Penguin from Tim Burton's Batman Returns. Meanwhile, video game lovers get some love too with a kick ass looking Batman from Batman: Arkham Knight (both are pictured below)!
In keeping with the video game theme we are also getting this cool as hell Halo Master Chief helmet!

As a metalhead, though, it's the upcoming Iron Maiden stuff that have me the most pumped. In fact, if you were to make me pick one thing that I loved the most at this year's Toy Fair it would be these. The amazing Powerslave bust, to the right, being my top pick. 
Based on the cover to the cover to the "2 Minutes to Midnight" single, this figure to the left, might be one of the most badass Eddie figures ever!. By the way, before you ask, his hand was broken off. So, it is not detachable nor is he suppose to be amputated!
Like your toys with cloth clothing? Then this killer figure based on the cover of Piece of Mind is for you! These Maiden figures cannot come out fast enough for me!!! 

Horror fans had more to rejoice as the following toys will surely prove:

First off we get another large figure in this amazing Leatherface. It comes with an interchangeable head, and I am loving his bloody apron. Based on his look from Tobe Hooper's original horror classic, you can tell that he has been a busy and messy man, disposing of teenagers and serving them for dinner!

Speaking of that version of Leatherface he is also getting his own clothed/ Mezco style figure along with the Jason Voorhees of the kick ass Friday the 13th Pt. VI: Jason Lives. In my humble opinion, that is the best of the F13 sequels (NOTE: I said sequels, not movie, the original remains the best), so I'm quite pleased with this one. Also, he will look cool next to my part 2, Jason! Both Jason and Leatherface (along with an already available Freddy) are to the left of this.

Continuing their video game inspired looks, we get a Mohawk from the Gremlins 2: The New Batch Nintendo video game. One of the greatest horror/ comedy sequels, is getting one of the absolute coolest figures I saw at the entire show!!!!So fuck yeah!

In the same vein, we have a Godzilla figure (left) that is inspired by his own Nintendo game. I actually owned that game, and kind of sort liked it as a kid. But, I'll admit it was far from great, maybe even far from good. But, it brings this horror and monster loving gamer a lot of fond memories. And, for that reason and the excellent sculpt and detail, I think it's another must have!!

I have one last figure (right) to share with you. This another one that is sure to also please fans of giant monsters. It's an addition to their spectacular Pacific Rim line. I love the fire breathing. It looks freaking awesome!!!