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Toy Fair 2015: Imperial Toys Release the First Ever STAR WARS Bubble Toys!

Imperial toys, a company that specializes in bubble blowing toys, recently reached a deal with Star Wars/ Lucasfilm to release the first ever bubble toys from the franchise. Yes, despite the many years and various product released under the world famous science fiction name, there have, surprisingly, NEVER been bubble toys before! And, at this year's Toy Fair, I got to take a first hand look of them.

Already out are the following bubble toys featuring Yoda, Darth Vader, and R2-D2. A Boba Fett bubble toy will be coming soon!

The cool looking box set to the left will be released soon. It comes with glow in the dark bubble solution, for your lightsabers! The lightsabers, themselves, come with LED lights built in, so that even after you run out of solution, it will still glow! The awesome package, which comes with two lightersabers, a plastic container, and two packages of the glow in the dark bubble solution is made of tin with embossed graphics. 

The lighsabers that come within it, the Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader sabers, with more styles coming soon, are also available separately. At Toy Fair a special limited edition variant was given. Here it is based on the evil Sith Lord Darth Vader's own weapon:

The toy is extremely cool, with some great on point detail on the handle. Press the button and it lights up, in all it's red, evil glory! Blowing bubbles has never been cooler or more butt kicking! If only they had bubble toys back in the day like these, I would have totally owned one! Thank God for Imperial giving this version out at the Fair. I love the fact that it says Toy Fair 2015 and Limited Edition on the packaging and the toy itself. This makes it feel like a very cool little collector's item for us loyal Star Wars fans, which it is!


But, it's the next toy that will be the one that all Star Wars fans, both young and old (but young at heart), will want:
An R2-D2 Bubble Machine!!! It's about a foot tall and has some amazing, precise detail that will please any fan, especially those of the diminutive, brave, and loyal droid. On top of the detail is the fact that he lights up and makes sounds that are straight from the movies themselves! It's truly an awesome toy, one that I would have loved, no scratch that, would LOVE to own! Fans, kids, and parents will be able to do just that when it's released in Sept of this year. It will retail for about 80 bucks.