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Former Metal Maniacs Editor Katherine Ludwig Passes Away From Battle with Cancer

 I had only recently found that Katherine Ludwig, the former editor and co-founder of the long defunct Metal Maniacs magazine, was battling non-Hudgkin's lymphoma. Regardless, I was shocked and saddened when I read early this morning that she had passed away and lost her battle with the cancer. I was deeply heartbroken. Reports say that she passed away peacefully and quickly and was surrounded by friends and family on Friday, Jan. 30, 2015 at 1PM. .

I discovered Metal Maniacs, one day while I was at a newsstand heading over to my high school. Though, I read many metal magazines back in the day, most of them seemed to be filled fluff and covered way too many hair bands, other than Rip, who actually had a nice variety of bands. As someone into thrash and traditional metal this was quite disheartening. So, imagine my joy when I encountered Metal Maniacs, which had so many of my favorite thrash bands on it. As, I got deeper into more extreme forms of metal and rock, like hardcore and especially death metal, I was more and more into this kick ass magazine. It introduced to many a band and fueled my love for this type of decidedly non-mainstream music.

And, they didn't seem to be interested in kissing anyone's ass. Their reviews were honest and forth coming. At, the head of it all was the very opinionated Ms. Ludwig. I also enjoyed her editorials as she shared many of the liberal views that I had/ have. And, even if I didn't agree with all of her views, I respected her tenacity to stand by them. In fact, she even did bold things like banning Morbid Angel and Deicide from being interviewed, two of the biggest death metal bands, due to what she believed where actions or words of theirs that infringed on her beliefs, as in racism and animal violence respectively. You gotta give her credit for doing this, even if you didn't agree. How many other magazines would have? Hey, Morbid Angel were my favorite death metal act, back then, but I got why they were banned and was OK with in it.

Actually, I also had a bit of crush on the lovely Ms. Ludwig. It was hard not to, for me. I mean here is this pretty, smart, and young metal chick who was running one of my favorite magazines of the time. I distinctly remember others writing letters to the mag (the letters page was also fucking awesome!). and mentioning that she was indeed a babe. Including one dude who said that she had great legs. Well, I would like to say that I also happen to think she had very beautiful eyes and a great smile.

In the end, though, it is with great and heavy heart that I write this. The metal community has lost one of it's most ardent supports. My deepest and most sincere condolences to her family and friends. May she RIP and as always FUCK CANCER!!! Katherine you are fondly remembered by your metal brothers. \m/\m/