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Nina Noxx and Madelyn Rose- Two Hotties from Ideal Image Models at AEE 2015


The Ideal Image Models booth had lots of the stunning hotties that they represent at their booth in the Adult Entertainment Expo, including the smoking hot duo of Madelyn Rose and Nina Noxx. Both are all natural, young, and sexy beauties who despite being new to the biz clearly proved themselves to be naturals in front of the camera at the expo. Madelyn is a fiery and truly gorgeous redhead, while Nina is naughty and extremely beautiful brunette.

At first other girls were posing with these two babes, but soon enough they both took hold of the ever growing attention that they were building and held on to it. They posed for tons of naughty pics, as a swarming of fans and press came up to the booth to see what all the commotion was about. Aside from giving us glimpses of their sexy butts and little panties, they began to make-out. If ever there is a way to hold on to my attention it's to have some hot lesbian action, the aforementioned glimpses of flesh, help too!

Both of the girls were all smiles and seemed to love meeting and interacting with everyone. Personally speaking I ended up with two new porn crushes, which is always a good thing, if you ask me! I very much look forward to seeing the hot and nasty porn that they will be partaking in!
This was probably one of the greatest moments on all of Thurs, Jan. 22, 2015, which is when I took all of these pics!
 I love butts!
 Nina with a handful of Madelyn's delicious ass!

A handful of Nina Noxx!! Best cure for jetlag, ever!