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The Beautiful Marley Mathews at Exxxoitca NJ 2014

All photography by BAS Photography & Design

For my final write up on this past Nov 2014's Exxxotica NJ, I introduced to those of you who may not know her, a beautiful, young newcomer to the business: the gorgeous Marley Matthews! Marley is only 18, and I already see a very bright future ahead of her. As soon as we saw her, we were entranced with her natural beauty. Her bubbly and sweet personality sealed the deal for my crew and me. Much of this can be seen shine through the amazing pics, my photographer, BAS, took. At Exxxotica, Marley was all smiles and just a complete pleasure to talk. I firmly believe that there are really big things ahead of this barely legal stunner in this new year!



Kim Dubuisson said...

She is HOT!

Unknown said...

Where can I submit my Marley & Me porn parody script?

Giovanni Deldio said...

Indeed, she is, bro!

Giovanni Deldio said...

Lol!! Maybe, Vivid would like it. :P I mean, it sounds amazing to me already! ;)