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Karmen Karma Heats Up AEE 2015


Going into this year's Adult Entertainment Expo, the ultra-sexy Karmen Karma was one of the girls that I was most looking forward to meet. I got to do so on the same day, that I first came in, Thurs, Jan. 22, 2015. From the very minute I saw her, I was thought to myself, she is even hotter in person! Karmen just exudes sex from every pore in her body. And, what a body it is! Her boobs and ass are simply amazing! Combine that with her tattoos, beautiful eyes, and her lovely face, and you have true stunner. As such, she rightfully drew everyone's attention, and not just fans and press, but even her fellow performers. She kept the temperature at the expo at a smoldering level!

Karmen loves to get sexy with her fellow porn stars, and we, in turn, love her for just that! It's pretty clear the other lovely ladies at the Expo love her, too. This was proven multiple times over the course of the expo. Again, much to our gratefully eyes!  
I decided to pick up Hustler's Lesbian Vampire Academy (you can see/ purchase it here: http://www.adultdvdempire.com/vod/search?q=Lesbian%20Vampire%20Academy&partner_id=42272314), which I had been dying to see since I saw the trailer, sometime ago. It looked fucking hot as goddamn hell. With it's combination of beautiful women, blood, horror, porn, vampires, and lesbians, it was clear to me, from get go, that this one is right up my ally. As the picture below will attest to, she has THE sexiest manner ever to open up a DVD! 

 It's times like this, that I do truly LOVE what I do!
 This might be THE single greatest advertisement for my site, EVER!


Chris Hewson said...

Man, you really are living the dream, Gio!

Giovanni Deldio said...

Lol. Thank you, bro. :)