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Garbage Pail Kids: Puke-Tacular

Title: Garbage Pail Kids: Puke-Tacular
Issue Number: One-Shot
Writer: Various
Art: Various
Cover Artist (Displayed Above): Mark Pingitore
Editor: Denny Tipton
Publisher: IDW
Genre: Gross-out Humor
Cover Price: $3.99

A total of five short stories featuring Topps' infamous trading card characters, The Garbage Pail Kids, are featured in this one-shot comic. They range from one page length to a couple of pages. The stories revolve around comic-cons, stealing comics, a normal kid trying to fit in with the GPKs, and two tales of poop, as, in both of those stories have to do with characters taking shits. They all range from pretty decent to down right hilarious. If I had to pick my absolute favorite it would be How to be a Garbage Pail Kid written and illustrated by Joe Simko, and in a very close second, $#!TSTORM written by Bill Wray and drawn by Hilary Barta.

This is my childhood dream come true! I would have killed for a GPK comic as a kid! But, I think it would've been a little more watered down, as it would've probably been aimed strictly for kids. Aimed at teens and older, this one has some cursing and, as mentioned before, shit, and lots of it!

The writing, most, if not all, done by underground guys, is fun. The best thing is that it is actually funny! I busted a gut quite a few times. The artwork is awesome, with vivid and bright colors that pop off the page. It adds to the charm and enjoyability of the comic. It also really captures the grossness of it all as the pages flow with snot, puke, light gore, puss, and poop.

This is a must read for fellow fans of GPK and immature, gross humor in general. The fact that an ad in it announces that they are putting out a "Love Stinks" issue in February has me excited and gives me something to look forward to in that shitty month, other than Toy Fair!

***1/2 out of ****