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Girls of the Jules Jordan Booth at AEE 2015


There is no denying that Jules Jordan Video's booth always has stunning babes any expo or con. But, dear God, they really outdid themselves this year with the amazing crop of of girls they had signing at their booth last month at the Adult Entertainment Expo! The following is just some of the lovely ladies that were present.

This first batch was taken on Thurs, Jan. 22, 2015.

Let's begin with one of my personal favorite performers, and a girl who is always a pleasure to see: Dani Daniels. As always, Dani is all smiles and a sweetheart to everyone. Of course, she looked absolutely stunning in this bronze outfit. The cleavage and leg visible was enough to give everyone major heart palpitations!

Next up is the gorgeous Romi Rain, this stunning fellow Italian from Boston is truly one of the most gorgeous and sexy women that you are likely to meet in your entire life. I pretty much became a fan of hers, from the moment I found out about her. She was on my list of must meet this year. So, I was very happy and excited when I did. Romi is a natural in front of the camera and incredibly photogenic, as the following pics will prove. This babe is just hot as fuck!!

Suffering from severe jetlag, I left a little earlier than I may have otherwise, on that day. But, I was back the next day, Friday and took some more pics, of a different batch of girls:

Let's begin with the beautiful Jillian Janson. This was a day after I had interviewed her, and my God she looked even more stunning! Does this girl get more beautiful from one to the next? That certainly appears to be the case! She was wearing a short, revealing, and naughty outfit that looked HOT as hell on her!  

Lucy Tyler might be just one of the cutest girls to ever do porn. She also was one of the most genuinely awesome girls I met the entire time I was at AEE. Dressed in a Batman outfit, I told her that she had had made day wearing that. She would tell me that she loves Batman. A few days after, I saw that saw pics of her in a R2D2 outfit wielding a lightsaber. So, she gets geek points, added to the extra points that she got when she noticed that I was wearing a Misfits necklace. She told me that she is a huge fan of theirs and grew up listening to their music! She also told me that she is into industrial metal like Ministry and Skinny Puppy. Through it all, she was sweet and adorably cute, always smiling and genuinely stealing the hearts of anyone present.
The horns up/ metal pic to the left is one of my personal favorite pictures that I got with any of the girls at the Expo. I wasn't expecting her to throw up the devil horns, and then when she did, I was thought to myself, "This confirms it. This girl is fucking awesome!!"
The next day, Sat, was the final day of the expo. I made sure to snap a couple of more pics and meet some other lovely ladies at this booth, in particular:

Another of the girls that I had been meaning to meet for a while, has to be the beautiful (and bootiful) Anika Albrite. Turns out I picked the right day to meet her cause she had her hot cop outfit on, complete with real handcuffs! Now, I don't have a cop fetish or anything of the sort, and, for the most part, I doubt I could ever develop one. But, Anika looked hot enough to make me think that if anyone could make that happen it's her! It's actually a good thing that most cops don't look like her, cause otherwise I would break the law on purpose just to get arrested! 

Now, I knew that I wanted the cuffs put on me. Especially, when I saw some other dude get cuffed, at that point I became determined to get them slapped on my wrists (remember it's good to have goals in life!)! The guy sounded like he was shocked that they were real, and that they felt really tight. This only further convinced me to get them placed on me. And, as such, I requested it. As I asked her to cuff me, I told her that I had "been a bad reporter" during the expo. She laughed and told me to put my hands behind my back. She commented that I must have experience, since I did that so well! The result (to the right) might just be the absolute best picture of me and a girl during this expo!

Next to her was the beautiful Riley Reid, she managed to grab a handful of Annika's ass. I should mention that Annika, and this was proven to me when I met her in person, has one of the greatest asses currently in porn. Now, this means that Riley's hands were very lucky! Actually, I really did want to meet Riley. But, us always the case with her, she always has a very long and my busy schedule, would not allow it. Thankfully I did snap at least a couple of pictures of her.

I got to shoot one last batch of Jillian Janson, who looked even hotter than the day before! See, I swear she gets more beautiful from day to day. That's got to be her superhero ability! Anyway, seeing as how many hits my aforementioned interview with her has gotten, I really think that Jillian has all the makings of a huge star in the industry. The following pics will serve as further proof as to why she deserves, and I predict will be the next big star in business!